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Even losing part of a lung couldn't slow marathoner Tania Tuluie down
Scripps - Marathon Runner Tania Tuluie

Scripps – Marathon Runner Tania Tuluie

Qualifying for—let alone finishing—the legendary Boston Marathon is a feat most runners never accomplish. But doing it with only one lung—impossible, right? Not for Tania Tuluie. At 54, the elite San Diegan runner will run her eighth Boston Marathon, and her third since a surprise lung surgery left her wondering if she’d ever be able to run again. In 2018, her physicians at Scripps found she had pulmonary sequestration, which is something many pulmonologists will never see at all in their career. Tania underwent the lobectomy using the minimally invasive video-assisted thoracic surgery technique, an innovative procedure that results in a smaller incision and shorter recovery time than traditional surgery. Scripps surgeons took into consideration Tania’s quality of life when planning the surgery and decided on a more conservative approach. Read more about Tania’s journey and the surgery that got her back on track here.

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