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Planning for retirement can be daunting and challenging, especially with the volatility of the stock market and the unstable economic conditions.
IRA FAQ main image

IRA FAQ main image

Planning for retirement can be daunting and challenging, especially with the volatility of the stock market and the unstable economic conditions.

There are also other significant factors, like Venezuela’s hyperinflation and the constant rise of prices in America. With all that going on, it is almost impossible to invest nowadays without facing certain risks. 

With the interest rates possibly ratcheting up in numbers and the recession merely looming on the horizon, many investors are searching for an investment vehicle they can treat as a safe haven. At the moment, gold is the top choice! It is a hedge against inflation that offers diversification and minimal risks.

If you’re planning to invest in gold, here are some of the best IRA companies you can trust. Continue reading, and you’ll reach the gold IRA FAQ section!

Top 5 Gold IRA Companies of 2023 At A Glance


#1 Augusta Precious Metals: Editor’s Choice Best Gold IRA Company Overall

Since 2012, Augusta Precious Metals has been climbing the steep ranks, earning a place as one of the world’s top precious metals IRA companies. Mainly through its transparent pricing and modest costs, the gold firm has the complete trust and faith of its clients.

This family-run business is undoubtedly one of the best chances an investor has for opening a self-directed IRA or undergoing a non-IRA investment in gold and silver.

Augusta vows to assist its investors in making wise and intelligent financial decisions to help them gear up for their upcoming retirement plans. Before they even accept the payments, the company ensures that each client knows the intricacies and complexities of investing in gold and is completely aware of all the risks.


  • Top-notch customer service

  • Unambiguous fee structure and pricing scheme

  • Strong reputation with AAA rating from BCA and A+ from BBB

  • Insures all gold and silver products for a worry-free transfer and shipment process


  • It has a $50k initial investment.

  • Only by visiting physical branches can an investor buy precious metals.


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#2 Goldco: Runner up – Best Customer Service and Pricing

Goldco, a leading precious metals dealer in the market, is known to have a solid and well-built reputation, especially regarding excellent customer service. They are fearless, even going the extra mile to chase their client’s satisfaction. The firm has established itself as a primary seller of gold and silver IRAs for sixteen years.

The company’s approach is simple — friendly and well-informed customer care experts at the client’s disposal. The customer will need to fund their new self-directed IRA after signing the contract to finalize the purchase.

From there, the investor can accomplish a 401(k) rollover and diversify their retirement plans by purchasing tangible precious metals.


  • Pricing details are posted on their web platform.

  • Many gold and silver coins are available to expand one’s physical IRA assets.

  • Decade’s-worth of expertise and experience in the industry.

  • Goldco offers up to 10% off investments in precious metal assets.


  • No palladium and platinum coins, bars, or other products are available.

  • The minimum investment ($25k) is higher than most precious metals companies.


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#3 American Hartford Gold: Great Price

American Hartford Gold, which offers precious metals and gold IRA accounts, has been in business and on top of the game since 2015. Being a family-owned and run business, this company is well-known for its dedication to practicing stability and delivering financial security to investors!

Over the years, it consistently focused on assisting investors in diversifying, safeguarding, and protecting their gold assets. Among their best sellers are American Silver Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

American Hartford Gold allows its investors to purchase physical precious metals and receive them at their doorsteps. However, note that precious metal IRAs would require a third-party depository for storage, like the Delaware Depository Service.


  • The company offers a price match and buyback guarantee.

  • Their website offers precious metals, including gold and silver, for portfolio diversification.

  • They give back to the community by donating to reputable charities.

  • To set up and open a self-directed IRA or buy precious metals, investors must make a small ($10k) initial investment.


  • Annual expenses and maintenance fees can be expensive.

  • The company does not disclose its prices.


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#4 Birch Gold: Top Choice For Beginners

Birch Gold Group is a top-choice precious metals IRA provider and supplier due to its extensive educational material, satisfying customer service, and low minimum investment.

Founded in 2003, Birch Gold has managed to preserve, improve, and maintain its stellar global reputation for nearly two decades. It has received near-perfect reviews and ratings from platforms like TrustPilot, Google, and many others.

The firm offers precious metals of various kinds and types, including the American Gold Eagles, Gold Indian Head Eagles, Gold Twin Maples, and Liberty Head Double Eagles.

The broad range and long list of physical precious metal choices enable investors to invest in valuable precious metal assets based on their savings budget and gradually increase their ownership.


  • With almost two decades of experience, the company has helped thousands of investors reach their financial goals.

  • Birch Gold offers a wide range of physical precious metals, including palladium, platinum bullion, and coins.

  • The minimum investment and base fee costs will not break the investor’s bank.

  • The company offers instructional resources.


  • Some fees are hidden.

  • Birch Gold only caters to investors residing in the US.


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#5 Noble Gold Investments: Best customer support

While a relatively new gold provider, Noble Gold has proven to be a reliable precious metals IRA company worthy of customers’ trust and faith. Investors working with Noble Gold can get a self-directed IRA rollover process that is instant, quick, and easy — all this combined with expert advice on properly investing in gold and other physical metal assets.

By consulting with several other financial experts in the world of gold investments, Noble Gold can offer a wide range of services focused on assisting and helping clients attain their financial goals. The gold firm offers valuable rare physical assets, including ones in palladium and platinum.

Investors may purchase a physical possession through an IRA or get them directly through the company’s website.


  • Company management is dedicated to increasing the client’s wealth.

  • Noble gold options offer some of the lowest required minimum investments. 

  • Precious Metal IRA set-up is quick and fast.

  • A broad range of options and products.


  • International options are limited and constrained.

  • Pensions are not qualified for IRA rollover. 


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What is a Gold IRA?

An individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tax-advantaged account that helps people save for retirement. They come in many forms, such as a Roth IRA, traditional IRA, and gold IRA.

A gold IRA permits investors to transform their paper assets into physical gold or other precious metals. Investors must hold these retirement accounts separately from traditional or standard IRAs. Gold IRAs are also called precious metals IRAs.

Gold IRAs are specialized IRAs that allow investors to hold and store gold coins, bullions, and other precious metals as qualified retirement plans. As a result, these IRAs need one IRA custodian — usually a brokerage firm or bank that manages the account.

For more information about precious metals IRAs, here is a detailed IRA frequently asked questions section:

What types of precious metals can you include in a Gold IRA?

A precious metals IRA can store four types — gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. To qualify for an IRA, the gold products must have a minimum purity of 99.5%, the silver must be 99.9% pure, and both platinum and palladium must at least be 99.5% pure.

Can I open a new Gold IRA with a contribution?

Yes. Also, an investor can make annual contributions up to the approved IRS limits. For 2023, the total contributions to a precious metals or gold IRA cannot be more than $6,500. If the investor is 50 or older, it’ll be $7,500.

Who is eligible for a Traditional IRA?

With a traditional IRA, contributions are tax-deductible (at least for most people) and only subjected to income taxes at the withdrawal time. An investor must have earned income to be eligible for traditional IRAs.

What are the fees associated with a Gold IRA?  

There are several fees associated with an IRA gold account. For instance, an IRA custodian and administrator typically charge application and processing fees. Other fees include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Commissions

  • Mark-Ups

  • Transaction Fee

  • Wiring Fee

  • Cost Of The Precious Metal

  • Annual Maintenance Fee

  • Storage Fee

  • Miscellaneous Fee

Is there a minimum investment for Gold IRAs?  

The IRS does not have a required minimum investment when opening a precious metals IRA. However, most gold companies set their minimum investment requirements.

What is a gold IRA rollover?  

Investors with an IRA, 401(k), or another retirement account type can convert part of it into a precious metals investment IRA. The precious metals IRA rollover will permit them to buy and purchase physical precious metals, such as gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion.

What is a gold IRA transfer?

A gold or precious metals IRA transfer includes moving funds from a current IRA custodian to a new IRA custodian. When an investor transfers money from one retirement account to another, the account holder will not receive any funds. Instead, the funds are a direct transfer between the third parties without the account holder’s involvement.

Are there penalties for moving my IRA or 401(k)?  

An investor may roll over money from their 401(k) to an IRA without facing penalties but must deposit their 401(k) funds within 60 days. Though, there are tax consequences if they roll over money from a traditional 401(k) plan to a Roth IRA.

Can I have more than one IRA?  

There is no set or limit to the number of IRAs an investor can own. However, there is an actual limit to the amount of money one can contribute to their IRAs, regardless of whether they have Roth or traditional IRAs.

How long does it take to roll over a traditional IRA into a Gold or Silver IRA?  

Typically, the rollover process would not take up to 60 days to complete and accomplish. If it does, tax penalties will be charged, especially for an indirect rollover.

When will I be eligible for distributions from my Gold IRA?  

According to the rules set by the IRS, an investor is only eligible for distributions once they turn 59 ½. At that time, they will need to pay the income taxes due on any withdrawals, and they can liquidate the physical metals in their IRA account for cash or take physical possession of them without any penalty.

Can I choose any custodian and storage company to store my metals?

Most IRA precious metals companies have partner custodians, which allows them to offer a package deal. However, the investor still has the final choice on which custodian and storage company should hold the physical gold they own. That means they can choose a different custodian that they deem offers better conditions and terms.

Are gold IRA fees tax-deductible?  

Yes, all the annual and set-up IRA fees are tax-deductible expenses.

Do I have to invest all my money at once into a gold IRA?

While an investor is free to do so, it is not recommended. It is always safe to diversify a retirement portfolio and not solely rely on one investment vehicle.

Can I purchase gold with my Roth IRA?  

Investors may use their Roth IRA account to purchase and own gold and other IRA-eligible precious metals.

What is a gold self-directed individual retirement account?

A gold self-directed IRA is a retirement account wherein investors can safely store and hold physical gold. This IRA account typically has higher fees than Roth or traditional IRAs that invest solely in mutual funds, bonds, and stocks.

What is a silver self-directed individual retirement account?

A silver self-directed IRA is much similar to a gold one — just that an investor can store genuine silver in this one.

What are platinum and palladium self-directed individual retirement accounts?

These are almost identical to gold and silver IRAs, only that these can hold IRS-approved platinum and palladium bullion, bars, and coins.

Can I move just some of my IRA assets into precious metals?

IRA owners and holders may transfer money from their existing IRA to fund their precious metals account.  

Can I buy gold with my work retirement plan?

Those with a retirement plan from their previous employer may roll over the funds. From that employer-sponsored retirement plan, they may transfer the retirement assets to a self-directed IRA to buy precious metals.

Can I handle my ira precious metal storage on my own?

Not necessarily. The IRS requires that investors store precious metal assets owned by an IRA in a trustee or custodian, which should be a bank, a savings or loan association, a federally-insured credit union, or any IRS-approved entity.

However, several IRA holders use a ‘loophole’ in the US Tax Code that permits the holder to self-store the metals using an LLC IRA, Checkbook Control IRA, or Home Storage IRA.

Are there any precious metals I can’t invest in?

The IRS only enables the addition of precious metals that have met their minimum purity requirements.

How do I liquidate the precious metals in my gold IRA?

Investors may sell the gold or precious metals in their IRA at any time without facing any tax penalties, provided that they do not withdraw the cash out of their IRA.

If I pass away, what will happen to my gold IRA?

If an investor passes away, the custodian will transfer their precious metals IRA and the associated retirement assets to the beneficiaries they listed. The investor may choose the beneficiaries when they open the account and can change them at any time.

Can I designate a charity or house of worship as my beneficiary?

Yes. The investor can designate organizations instead of people as their beneficiaries. Specific IRS-recognized charities only qualify. So do various houses of worship like mosques, churches, temples, and synagogues.

Can I put more money into my gold IRA after I start it?

Yes. Investors may continue adding more IRA funds into their accounts. A transfer or rollover from another retirement plan account or IRA is possible. The investor may also make annual contributions — albeit there is an age restriction regarding how much they can contribute.

Am I free to change the metals inside my gold IRA?

An investor can always change and rearrange their assets in the account. That includes swaps, transfers, trades, and sales. As long as no withdrawals are involved, there will be no tax implications.

Will my precious metals be safe and insured?

So long as the investors choose trusted and reliable self-directed IRA custodians, their assets should be safe. Major custodians tend to have armed security, surveillance, and state-of-the-art security systems.

How are my yearly gold ira fees paid?

Investors can quickly pay their annual precious metals IRA fees through credit card or check. They also have the option to pay with cash inside the account. Note that out-of-the-pocket fees are always tax-deductible.

What if I miss a payment?

The custodian will charge a late fee for any missed payments. Also, if an investor falls majorly behind their payments, the custodian will need to sell some of the assets to pay the missed fees.

Can I look at my metals?

Yes. Depending on the storage facility they choose, an investor can schedule an appointment to see and view their precious metals. There are also ones that offer online webcams.

Final Thoughts – Gold IRA FAQ

Gold IRAs are typically defined as alternative asset investments, which means they are not traded on any public exchange and are deemed relatively safe. With the stock market’s volatility and the daunting times of uncertainty, investing in gold is an investor’s best bet to diversify their retirement portfolio and secure their assets.

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Since the world of IRA investing is complex and complicated, it would help an investor to work with a trusted and reputable gold IRA company. In that regard, one of the top choices would be Augusta Precious Metals.

Augusta offers the same advantages and perks as most other companies; how they differ is that they provide those and more! Augusta excels in their white-glove service and ensures that every client is well-informed and guided throughout the process of attaining their financial goals — all without overstretching their finances.

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