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How to Make an Essay Longer and Better

How to increase the length of the essay simply and qualitatively. What techniques should be used to increase the length of the material without unnecessary information? Make your writing process much easier with these tips.

Compliance with the length of the assignment is the most important criterion for the quality of a student’s essay. If a student writes an exact number of words and follows all the requirements, it may be a good indicator of the student’s familiarity with the topic. In addition, it also indicates that you have done your best to complete the assignment in a quality manner. Therefore, before submitting your essay, make sure that its length is within the word limit specified in the assignment. If your essay has turned out to be too short, you will need to broaden it. To understand how to do this, read our article and discover helpful tips.

Useful tips that will allow you to increase the length of the essay 

There are a lot of ways you can add to the material. We won’t give you such ridiculous tips as changing the font size or margins. Instead, we will give you constructive information that will be useful to you. 

Give examples 

Reread the ideas you presented in your essay. Answer yourself the question, ‘Are your ideas supported by examples?’ If not, this is a great opportunity to provide them and add useful information to your paper. We recommend adding research that can support the validity of your data. 

Add a Backstory 

Add an interesting backstory to your essay to get the right word count. This will allow you to interest and even intrigue the reader, who will have a desire to read the material until the end. 

Before writing the backstory, consider what will interest your professor or readers. Familiarize the reader with the key nuances and details that influenced your opinion formation. For example, if your essay is related to philosophy, begin by writing about how this or that concept can be useful in your life. Write about what surprised you the most to help readers better understand your thoughts.

Write an extended summary unit of the paper 

When you have finished writing the paper, try to reread it carefully and list the main points presented in the paper, but do not repeat yourself. This will allow readers to see the main thoughts and ideas. If it is difficult for you to write a quality conclusion and you simply don’t have enough words, you can use a reliable assistant – an AI generator. This tool can handle such tasks and add useful information to your text without empty phrases. 

Try to change the phrase construction 

One of the most effective ways to increase the length of your essay is to change the structure of your sentences. Combine simple sentences with more complex ones. This trick will make your material more dynamic and engaging: 

  • Reread your essay and find sentences that are similar in meaning and can be combined. Be sure to use coordinating or subordinating conjunctions; 
  • use parallel structure and coordinating conjunctions to link sentences; 
  • add transitional words like “furthermore,” “moreover,” “by,” and “in general. These are great for linking sentences and paragraphs.

By refining your text in this way, you won’t only be able to increase its length but also strengthen its message. You will create a more persuasive piece of writing that allows you to develop all aspects of your topic fully. 

Supplement your material with quotes 

Quotations can take up some space in your paper. But you shouldn’t use them too much since they can lower the uniqueness of your text. 

Quotation will increase the length of your text and allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic. Make sure you use proper formatting and include links to authoritative resources.

Adding a Reference List

Adding reference lists is another simple and effective way to lengthen your text. Allow 2-3 sentences for each source with citations and 1-2 sentences for a general summary of key nuances and citations in a specific format (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Add paragraphs 

Reread the text and find paragraphs that contain more than one idea. If you have more than one idea in a paragraph, it makes sense to break it up into two different paragraphs. This will force you to refine each paragraph and develop the ideas more fully. It is also helpful to consider some objections your readers might have to the ideas you have presented in your paper. Then, write a paragraph defending your ideas against the possible objections. 

Complex terminology or any other information you have presented in your text should be presented in a separate paragraph that serves as a reference. Provide your readers with an expanded definition of these terms. This will allow your readers to understand all of the material presented better. 

Use professional help

On the Internet, communities of professionals, like, can offer their help to analyze, improve, and broaden your paper. Students usually use such help as inspiration and a learning ground for their writing skills. Most importantly, it requires less time than other methods.

Increasing the length of an essay in practice isn’t as difficult as it may seem in theory. Don’t believe it? You can make sure of it yourself by using our tips! 

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