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Is it Forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s causes, symptoms, and treatments, plus when to consult your doctor
Alzheimer's Scripps Health

Alzheimer’s Scripps Health

An estimated 6.2 million Americans over age 65 are living with Alzheimer’s disease, and unfortunately, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, that number could more than double by 2050 if there aren’t any breakthrough treatments. Although forgetfulness is the most noticeable symptom, Alzheimer’s disease can also cause impaired attention, poor judgment, spatial disorientation, personality changes, and more. Scripps offers specialized care and extensive support to Alzheimer’s patients, including cognitive screens, detailed memory testing, standard imaging tests and advanced radiology studies. Scripps also works with Alzheimer’s San Diego to offer guidance and support to patients and their families. To read more about Alzheimer’s disease and the treatments and support Scripps offers, click here.

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