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It’s Never Too Late for Better Days

Three practices to reclaim joy: music, movement, and mental health—no appointment needed.
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“You are extraordinary, and capable of extraordinary things.”

When was the last time someone you trust looked into your eyes and told you that you, yes you, are extraordinary? It is a truth we all deserve to hear. 

There are not many places our neighbors experiencing homelessness can receive—and live into—this message. Voices of Our City—a creative community for those impacted by homelessness—gathers to create music and art and offers workshops to navigate life’s challenging chapters. Together, we remember and reclaim that which enriches us. No matter how heavy the weight of our challenges, we can choose to tap into the memories—and practices—of joy. We have the choice to do good for ourselves. Take a cue from this unique community leaning into the hope that it is never too late for better days.

Here are three techniques for reclaiming joy (from Voices of Our City):

1. Reclaim your favorite part of childhood summer.

Voices’ choir members—ranging from ages 19 to nearly 90—named their summertime nostalgia in big pickles, penny candy, Kool-Aid, sno-cones, five-cent ice cream, Flintstones push-up pops, bike rides to Piggly Wiggly, skipping rope, and playing outdoors until sunset. Consider the slice of summer’s past that you can incorporate into your day today—no matter the season.

2. Pop on a song that makes you groove.

Singing aloud releases endorphins and oxytocin, and can also improve feelings of loneliness. Every Monday, we gather with San Diegans from all walks of life to sing uplifting soul, funk, and r&b tunes. Whether you’re in a car or a choir, sing aloud to a song that makes you smile. Voices’ choir members say that singing togethermakes them feel “energized”, “exhilarated”, “amazed”, and “loved”. 

3. Tap into the power of your inner voice.

We can influence our own healing and happiness through positive self-talk. Start your day with affirmations, check in with yourself, and speak kindly to yourself—especially when you make a mistake. We can make our setbacks our comebacks. One choir member shares, “I learn from negative behavior, and I choose the positive. That teaches me how to be positive.”

You are extraordinary, and capable of extraordinary things. 

You are invited to join Voices of Our City Choir for an uplifting start to your week. Our rhythm and blues-soul-funk ensemble holds open rehearsal every Monday (except holidays). Join us at 11am for Choir Rehearsal, followed by lunch with new friends. Meet in the Great Hall of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral: 2728 Sixth Avenue, San Diego . No singing experience or RSVP required. Learn more about the journeys and joys of our choir members’ journeys out of homelessness at

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