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Shaping San Diego 2020

San Diego is pushing limits in business and innovation

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Local entrepreneurs invest in our community and bring big ideas to life. Meet the people whose creativity, insight, and expertise are helping to energize the city’s economy.

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

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Shaping Public Relations


Kailynn Bowling and Nikki Carlson, Founders

What were other PR agencies missing that ChicExecs offers?

Kailynn Bowling: We found the relationship between retail placement, digital media, and PR was so disjointed, so we started our own agency to bring it all under one roof.

What unique services do you offer to unlock today’s retail environment?

Nikki Carlson: We place brands into retail stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bed Bath & Beyond, and then we support that with a PR strategy. We promote the product in the media, and with social media and influencers, to direct traffic to retail. It’s an overall brand exposure strategy to drive sales in online and brick-and-mortar stores.

820 Los Vallecitos Boulevard A-C | 760-992-9113 |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Lauren Radack

Shaping Law

Robert P. Robinson, Esq.

Managing partner of Hickman Robinson Yaege LLP

As managing partner of Hickman Robinson Yaege, a progressive, innovative San Diego law firm that practices business law, real estate law, and litigation, Robert Robinson is turning the local legal field on its side. By providing professional, honest, and cost-effective solutions that produce positive results and a suite of services that includes legal start-up packages for new businesses, as well as an aggressive litigation team for businesses and individuals, the firm is captivating clients who are seeking new ways of doing things. Business owners are turning to the smart, efficient, and forward-thinking lawyers at his firm, and they’re thriving without the restrictions found within the historical law firm landscape. Robinson says, “We are more adaptive, and our clients appreciate that. We have a lot of tools in our toolbox, and we determine which one is right for each individual client.”

701 B St #1840 | 619-819-8383 | [email protected] |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Lauren Radack

Shaping Alzheimer’s Research

Pacific Research Network

Jill Crusey, PhD; Misty Daniel, CCRC; Dixie Creager

As a grant-supported clinical research facility, Pacific Research Network (PRN) offers advanced, no-cost clinical studies related to the causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s, MS, Huntington’s, and other diseases. A leader in the field for over 35 years, PRN is staffed by an exceptional team of industry professionals, including Site Director Dixie Creager, who leads the selection process for clinical trials; Jill Crusey, PhD, who specializes in cognitive assessments and has written extensively on the subject of aging; and Supervising Coordinator Misty Daniel, who has expertise in Huntington’s disease and works directly with patients and caregivers. Because quality sleep and cognitive function are so closely intertwined, PRN also boasts an advanced sleep lab. With an emphasis on education, PRN encourages community members to receive a free 45-minute assessment, obtain referrals for memory loss support services, or even pursue DNA testing to determine disease risk factors.

Two Locations: 3003 Fourth Avenue | 16766 Bernardo Center Drive, Suite 102 | 619-294-4302 |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Lauren Radack

Shaping Vein Care Innovation

Nisha Bunke


As the first American physician to hold a fellowship in venous and lymphatic medicine, Dr. Nisha Bunke is renowned in her field, having coedited The Vein Book, medicine’s leading resource on venous disease. Dr. Bunke founded La Jolla Vein Care over a decade ago and is also the inventor of RECOVA, the first all-natural postsurgical bruise remedy. Under her leadership, La Jolla Vein Care became the first dedicated vein center in the region to earn accreditation by the prestigious Intersocietal Accreditation Commission in vein center and vascular testing. Driven by a passion for medicine and improving patients’ quality of life, Dr. Bunke also prides herself on developing the careers of her growing all-female staff. Dr. Bunke was named as one of 2019’s Women of the Year by San Diego Business Journal and a finalist for San Diego Magazine’s Woman of the Year.

9850 Genesee Avenue, Suite 410 | 858-550-0330 |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Lisa Conrad Photography | Styling by Erica Dominguez, Beauty Ever After

Shaping Beauty

Amanda Holden, MD

Founder Holden Timeless Beauty

Dr. Amanda Holden is in the business of beauty. Whether she’s wielding a wrinkle relaxer, employing a skin perfecter, or offering the latest body beautifier, Dr. Holden and her “glam squad” are experts when it comes to helping San Diegans look and feel their best. The founder, owner, and medical director of Holden Timeless Beauty, she also serves as the medical director for various independent medical aesthetics practices in the area and provides education and training to new RN, PA, NP, and MD injectors. Skilled in both emergency medicine and medical aesthetics, Dr. Holden in equally adept at repairing faces after traumatic injuries and in helping individuals achieve timeless beauty. She has a passion for inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Outside of work, you’ll find her hiking, skiing, and spending time with her husband and three children.

Locations in Escondido, La Mesa, and Oceanside |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Sergio Fernandez

Shaping Interior Design

Cadie Browne-Lee

Chief Executive Officer of Parisi Portfolio

At Parisi Portfolio, interior design isn’t just a job—it’s a calling. “Our mission is to shape housing in our communities for the better,” says Chief Executive Officer Cadie Browne-Lee, CID. “Together, we can transform San Diego’s quality of life and leave a legacy for the future.”

Parisi Portfolio’s team, which has won hundreds of design awards, provides services for the multifamily, model homes, hospitality, and senior living sectors. No job is too big or too small.

“Our firm is diversified and has a wealth of experience, which enables us to add value and meet client needs that extend beyond interior design,” Browne-Lee says.

Interior Design magazine has recognized Parisi Portfolio as a Top 100 Rising Giant, and the firm is now revolutionizing the design of assisted-living facilities through a new platform. Browne-Lee puts it this way: “We love to bring spaces alive!”

3505 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 308 | 858-259-0031 |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Lauren Radack

Shaping Confidence

Sirius K. Yoo, M.D.

Founder & President of SKY Facial Plastic Surgery

Some say the secret to success is confidence, and this San Diegan believes confidence starts with a positive self-image. “People say I’m in the beauty industry, but I find that very limiting,” says Dr. Sirius K. Yoo. “My patients want to look on the outside as young and vibrant as they feel on the inside, and that’s what I help them do. I love seeing my patients feel more confident in their everyday lives.”

A double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Yoo is one of a select number of surgeons in the nation to complete a prestigious fellowship in facial plastic surgery at Stanford University. Focusing only on the face and neck, Dr. Yoo offers customized treatments that often combine surgery, such as face-lift, fat transfer, blepharoplasty, and rhinoplasty, with lasers and injectables for impressive results that look natural.

Dr. Yoo’s unique approach has won him several awards, including the title of best facial plastic surgeon for the past five years by Ranch & Coast magazine. But it’s the success stories from patients that keep him going. One recent patient shared, “I look at least 10 years younger, but my face still looks natural and I still look like myself. Everyone has given me compliments on my looks, and I feel much more confident.”

16918 Dove Canyon Rd #208 | 858-381-4801 | [email protected] |

Shaping Health

Angie Cohen

Owner of StretchLab

Think only athletes need to stretch? Think again. Stretching is key for overall wellness. It’s for everybody and every body—from elite athletes to weekend warriors, desk jockeys to weary travelers, youth athletes to seniors all looking to stay limber. That’s the philosophy behind StretchLab, which offers assisted stretching with certified Flexologists, who are highly trained to customize a series of deep, proper stretches that help clients release tension and improve body imbalances. At StretchLab’s first-to-launch local studio in Solana Beach, owner Angie Cohen combines her professional experience in the healthcare industry with her passion for holistic health and relationship building to help people achieve long-term results, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion, in a unique, fun way. Cohen’s second studio will open in early 2020 at the Del Mar Highlands.

Two Locations: 437 South Highway 101, Suite 108 | 12853 El Camino Real, Suite 204 (Coming Soon) | 858-925-7450 | @Stretchlabsolanabeach |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Sydney Prather

Shaping Sustainability/Financial Services

Lisa Paul-Hill

President and CEO of Wheelhouse Credit Union

“San Diego made and proud” is a phrase that applies as equally to Wheelhouse Credit Union as it does to CEO Lisa Paul-Hill. Since the Encinitas local and USD graduate took the reins in 2017, she and her team have passionately focused on the Credit Union’s mission to help its members and San Diego thrive.

“Wheelhouse supports San Diego’s overarching commitment to health and sustainability through community outreach, internal green efforts, and by offering eco-friendly products and services.”

Founded in 1934, Wheelhouse is one of the city’s oldest credit unions, providing expert financial guidance well before the Coronado Bay Bridge became a landmark. A central aspect of its commitment is supporting San Diego’s move to 100 percent clean energy by 2035. The Credit Union’s award-winning solar and energy-efficient loans have made Wheelhouse Credit Union the number one solar loan provider in San Diego.

El Cajon, Chula Vista, Downtown San Diego | 888-907-3628 |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Sergio Fernandez

Shaping Wellness

Justina Tseng, MD

Medical Director of AmoraMED Institute

“Rheumatology wellness is about natural healing, achieving health-creation through empowerment and self-care.” —Justina Tseng, MD

At AmoraMED Institute, whole-person health is the focus using a heart-centered doctoring approach coupled with functional integrative medicine to restore well-being. Board-certified rheumatologist Dr. Justina Tseng treats conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and psoriatic arthritis. She leads a rheumatology wellness program where individuals learn to uncover root causes of inflammation and self-support the body’s innate ability to heal. “Take your first step toward radiant health today.”

Solana Beach |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Lauren Radack

Shaping Art

Christian Manzo

Founder of SOLHI Visuals

For Christian Manzo, bringing nature’s beauty to life through art comes naturally. Combining a fine arts and photography background with a passion for the earth and environment, Manzo’s SOLHI Visuals is revolutionizing visual arts in a wide variety of spaces, melding customizable messaging with unique design elements and imagery. “I take inspiration from where we live and project that as the backdrop at events, on storefronts, in businesses, and in wellness centers and hospitals,” he says. “By incorporating the beauty of our planet, it adds an immersive element and unique ambience that really improves the experience and quality of life by connecting you to the outdoors.”

[email protected]

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Lauren Radack

Shaping Community

Maggie Kelly

Founder of Satsang House Meditation and Spiritual Center

San Diegans seeking a reprieve from the stress of their daily lives and to reconnect to their innermost selves can find a kindred spirit in Maggie Kelly. Meditation and spiritual teacher, mentor and life coach, podcaster and author, Kelly founded Satsang House Meditation and Spiritual Center, located on a stunning and peaceful rural property in Solana Beach. Kelly combines her personal journey toward inner peace with mindfulness to guide others in achieving spiritual well-being. Through meditation courses, spiritual life coaching, retreats, and workshops, Kelly helps others transform their lives from chaos to peace, restlessness to release, and from surviving to thriving, so they can live the life they envision.

4523 Sun Valley Rd | 858-248-0488 |

Shaping San Diego 2020

Shaping San Diego 2020

Photo by Sergio Fernandez

Shaping Automotive Industry

Steve Hinkle

Automotive Retailer of Volvo Cars San Diego

We’re proud to partner with Volvo as it leads the automobile industry toward the future. The Volvo company is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Volvo’s top-rated San Diego retailer and service facility is with it every step of the way. “Starting this year (2020), Volvo will offer an electric motor in every model. We started with plug-ins, and later this year we’ll see the Volvo XC40 Recharge, a fully electric vehicle,” said Steve Hinkle, owner, president, and general manager of Volvo Cars San Diego. “Volvo is a small, progressive company leading the transformation of our industry. We’ve been a family-owned Volvo retail partner since 1976, and we’re thrilled to work together to provide modern mobility and serviceability solutions as we head into the next decade.”

5350 Kearny Mesa Rd | 858-279-9700 |

Shaping San Diego

Photo by Sergio Fernandez

Shaping Mental Health Care

Carol Trippitelli, MD, and Scott Cologne, MD

Community Psychiatry Management, LLC

San Diego, unwind your mind with a Community Psychiatry doctor or therapist. Better mental health is closer — and easier — than you think!

Community Psychiatry welcomes new patients, has available appointments, and accepts more than 20 insurance plans. San Diego offices are conveniently located in Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Carlsbad.

You can rely on us to call you back, help you navigate the complications of the insurance system and schedule an appointment in less than three weeks. We’ll always treat our patients, referring doctors, and partner organizations with respect.

We specialize in connected care through in-person or telemedicine visits with a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, and/or therapist. Scott Cologne, MD, and Carol Trippitelli, MD, are among our 22 San Diego mental-health providers who are devoted to better mental health. Schedule your first appointment at

La Jolla, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Pacific Beach |

Shaping San Diego 2020

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