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Supporting positive change through commercial real estate 

Casa Cornelia Law Center, a local non-profit dedicated to serving victims of human and civil rights violations, partners with JLL, a San Diego-based Fortune 200 commercial real estate firm, to find their new home
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Casa Cornelia Law Center is a San Diego 501(c)(3) public interest law firm that provides pro bono legal services to victims of human and civil rights violations. They are dedicated to serving the local immigrant population while educating others on the impact of immigration law and policy on the community and public good. Since 1993, Casa Cornelia has provided free legal assistance and humanitarian protection to more than 30,000 men, women and children. 

Early last year, Casa Cornelia partnered with JLL San Diego, a local Fortune 200 commercial real estate firm, to help find their new office space. “The cause is amazing” said Nicole Winters, who led the JLL team. Her partner, Scott Schindler added “They are passionate about the work they do, and we could feel that. They wanted their space to be a place where their clients could walk in and know they were taken care of.” The team was determined to use their experience and local market expertise to help an organization that has helped so many others. 

Finding the right space to make a positive impact

The challenge was to find an affordable space that would be suitable for a law firm within a short time frame. Despite the difficulties posed by a challenging real estate market, the JLL team successfully located a fully furnished, premium law firm sublease space that could accommodate the organization’s future growth. Although the initial rent proved to be too expensive, the team was able to leverage Casa Cornelia’s esteemed reputation and non-profit status to negotiate a significantly discounted rate. As a result, they achieved substantial savings on both rent and furniture expenses. The outcome was a new lease in a modern, downtown office space where they can continue the amazing work they do in the community.

More than just real estate 

The transaction with Casa Cornelia proves that real estate projects are about more than just an office lease. Finding the right team to help create a safe and productive working environment can truly impact thousands of individuals. JLL is proud to represent San Diego’s finest organizations that are creating positive change in the world. 

What’s next?

Today, the need for Casa Cornelia’s pro bono legal services remains. Every year, the number of children crossing the San Diego/Tijuana border continues to increase. Victims of domestic violence and other serious crimes continue to contact Casa Cornelia seeking protection for themselves and their children. The number of asylum seekers in pursuit of freedom from persecution and torture rises as global conflicts evolve. Casa Cornelia remains steadfast in their commitment to addressing these injustices, driven by their unwavering dedication and passion to serve those in need.

To learn more about Casa Cornelia Law Center or ways to help, visit their website.

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