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The SKY Facial Plastic Surgery Difference

The only person performing injectable treatments at SKY is the head honcho himself, Sirius K. Yoo, M.D.
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When we heard through the grapevine that injectable treatments at SKY Facial Plastic Surgery are booking out 4-6 months in advance with the next available appointment not until August, we thought, “What is going on at SKY that has these spots so coveted by Botox and Juvéderm fans?” We decided to find out.

Apparently, the only person performing injections at SKY is the head honcho himself, Sirius K. Yoo, M.D. (his initials are where the name SKY originates). A double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and a Stanford fellow to boot, Dr. Yoo arguably has one of the most advanced understandings of facial anatomy around.

To work, neuromodulators like Botox must be injected near the specific muscle responsible for the facial expression causing the wrinkle. Too much in the wrong spot and you could get the dreaded “Dr. Spock” eyebrows or — even worse — eyelid droop or double vision. With that said, it seems obvious that perhaps someone who regularly operates on the face may be the least likely to botch a Botox treatment.

The ever-humble Dr. Yoo is quick to point out that there are risks with any injection that are outside the control of the injector. But when pressed, he admits that “Yes, some of my most loyal injectable patients first came to me to fix a treatment-gone-wrong.”

The SKY Facial Plastic Surgery Difference

The SKY Facial Plastic Surgery Difference

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We also learned that fillers like Juvéderm are injected into specific layers of the soft tissue depending on the area of the face being treated. Push the needle a bit too far and you have filler where you shouldn’t. Inject too much and you run the risk of “duck lips” or that “over filled” look we’ve all seen and wondered, “Do they really think that looks good?”

Dr. Yoo explains, “The trick to natural-looking lips is to consider the shape of the lips and face. An elongated lip may require additional injections above the red lip and laterally to avoid ‘duck lips’.”

And the deal with that over-done look? “A common scenario is someone in their fifties or older wants to add volume and get a little lift and their first instinct is to add filler to the lower face. I think that fillers have a limited role in this area personally. At a certain point in the aging process, the volume of filler needed to make a noticeable difference is substantial. When you are talking about adding multiple syringes, fillers quickly add to the weight of the lower face and do not look very good in my opinion or at least do not give the results that the patient had hoped for. The most natural-looking solution would be to surgically lift the skin (facelift) and permanently add back volume to the areas where it was lost (most noticeably the midface).”

And that’s what we heard across the board. That by coming to a surgeon for neuromodulators or filler, you can trust that he will tell you when enough is enough. Here’s what one Botox patient shared, “They really work hard to make sure you feel like part of the family and not just another patient. Dr. Yoo explains things very clearly and I never feel like I’m constantly being up sold. If anything, I feel like they are looking out for my best interest so even if I thought I needed more, they use their expertise to make sure I’m not overdoing it.”

SKY Facial Plastic Surgery is located in North County, San Diego. All treatments require an initial consultation with Dr. Yoo. Consultations can be scheduled via phone at (858) 381-4801. Phones are open Monday through Saturday, 9am until 5pm. For more information:

The SKY Facial Plastic Surgery Difference

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