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The Value of Social Responsibility

BBB4Good connects conscious shoppers with purpose-driven businesses.
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For San Diegians, caring for our people and planet is not just an idea, it’s a crucial component woven into the fabric of our lives. Residents volunteer, donate proceeds, create initiatives focused on DEI, use environmentally conscious products, organize beach clean-ups, and much more. The business community is not only following suit, but using its platform to lead by example. 

As trust in businesses continues to evolve, Better Business Bureau® Pacific Southwest (BBB) is proud to celebrate its one-year anniversary of the BBB4Good Trustmark. Launched to meet the rising consumer demand for purpose-driven businesses, BBB4Good has empowered consumers to choose local companies that support causes and positively impact their communities. 

(Credit: BBB Pacific Southwest, BBB4Good Trustmark)

In its inaugural year, BBB4Good has received interest from over 150 businesses doing positive work in the community, and of those, a prestigious 12 are in San Diego County. In addition to their mission:

  • Liquid Blue: Commits to environmental sustainability and carbon-neutral travel through a variety of efforts and donations to 1% for the Planet.  
  • Optima Office: Serves the community through various volunteer efforts including helping to end food insecurity, donating accounting and HR services to those in need and providing student scholarships. 
  • The Rug Mine: Empowers Afghan women artisans creating quality wool rugs, provides humanitarian aid, preserves cultural heritage and sources cruelty free, sustainable wool for rugs. 
  • Identity Recon: Supports the unsheltered population, advocates for cultural competency in the workplace, and donates career transition and business services to military and veteran service members. 
  • Extreme Power Gym: Provides life skills and support to veterans, military service members, and those affected by unfavorable situations through volunteerism and Muay Thai principles. 
  • At Home Nursing Care: Donates and volunteers time to local charities to support the health of the community and provides tuition scholarships to support those obtaining home health aide, nursing assistant and CPR training. 
  • Surf Education Academy: Ensures surfing access to all and volunteer efforts with local nonprofits. 
  • At Your Home Familycare: Commits to volunteerism with organizations that support health and equal opportunities for seniors, disabled adults, veterans and persons with developmental disabilities and for offers long-term career opportunities in marginalized communities. 
  • Mirimar Kitchen and Bath: Supports local animal rescues and animal welfare groups to help prevent pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of animals. 
  • Surrogate Alternatives, Inc.: Aids LGBTQ+ individuals and couples in achieving parenthood, while advocating for diverse family structures’ acceptance and legal recognition. 
  • Seaside Landscape & Design: Offers sustainable landscaping practices, including drought-tolerant planting, xeriscaping, water conservation, native plant promotion, and the replacement of lawns with artificial turf and hardscape solutions and for providing sustainability education through local organizations, schools, and community initiatives. 
  • Presto Cleaning Maid Service: Donates free cleaning services to those going through cancer treatments. 

“Trust in business extends beyond delivering products and services with integrity; it encompasses contributing to social well-being and fostering positive impact,” shares Kryistyna Hook, Senior Director of Brand Strategies & Social Impact for BBB Pacific Southwest. “As we mark the first anniversary of honoring businesses with the BBB4Good Trustmark, we are thrilled to see the program’s success in elevating those committed to a higher purpose.” 

BBB4Good builds upon BBB Accreditation, ensuring that purpose-driven businesses meet rigorous BBB Standards for Trust and BBB4Good Standards of higher purpose, community engagement, authentic marketing, and social and/or environmental impact substantiation. Consumers can easily identify BBB4Good Verified Businesses by the display of the BBB4Good Trustmark on their profiles on and websites. 

“There are consumers that also want to vote with their dollars. They want to vote for companies that do the right thing,” said Scott Stephens, founder of the San Diego-based World’s Most Traveled Band, Liquid Blue. “You can have great customer service and a great product and that’s wonderful. But beyond that, what are you doing? Are you doing something that benefits the greater society? And that’s what BBB4Good is all about.” 

(Credit: Liquid Blue Band, BBB permission to use)

“Family and community are at the top of our list of core values. So, when those are my filters for how I make business decisions, we’re designed to make a positive impact,” said Surf Education Academy founder Sean Brody. “In short, becoming a BBB4Good Verified Business in San Diego truly shows that we care about our community.” 

(Sean Brody of Surf Education Academy and student Quinn, photo credit Trent Padillo, BBB permission to use)

BBB4Good has played a crucial role in recognizing businesses addressing important social issues while providing products and services. By spotlighting these efforts, BBB is fostering trust and guiding consumers toward businesses that align with their values. 

Businesses interested in earning BBB4Good Verification can apply at 

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