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Two Hours To Paradise: Discover La Paz And The Gateway To The Sea Of Cortez

If warm, tranquil turquoise water, white sand, pristine nature, majestic marine life sounds like your version of paradise, buy your ticket to CBX!


If warm, tranquil turquoise water, white sand, pristine nature, majestic marine life….and margaritas sounds like your version of paradise, then get thee to CBX quick and buy your ticket! CBX (Cross Border Xpress) is San Diego’s own secret door to the paradise of Baja California Sur and La Paz, in particular. San Diegans enjoy the only direct flight to La Paz on Volaris, which can be reached by crossing the CBX passageway into the Tijuana Airport, and now is the time to make the most of that VIP access. In just about two hours you’ll be lounging on beaches that rival any in the world!



Known as the gateway to the Sea of Cortez, which was famously referred as “the word’s aquarium” by no less than Jacques Cousteau, La Paz offers a spectacular array of year-round natural beauty and a bounty of life under the sea. The petite city, the state’s capital, also charms guests with its small-scale, authentic Mexican vibes, its breathtaking landscape of mountains, desert and bright blue sea and its incredible wealth of natural wonders. With a warm desert climate, a bustling but low key, family friendly attitude and a safe, walkable downtown, La Paz is an ideal – and easy – escape for San Diegans. For first time visitors, here are our top five recommendations to get the most out of your La Paz trip.

  1. Snorkel with Whale Sharks: neither whale nor shark, the largest fish in the sea is surprisingly docile. Local conservation efforts have solidified La Paz as one of the top spots in the world to get up close with these impressive creatures and educated local guides will take you out in search of them. Upon sighting the prize small groups can slide in the water and snorkel alongside them. A bucket list experience!
  2. Play with Sea Lion Pups: Espiritu Santo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the largest colony of sea lions in Mexico. While protective (and massive!) males are guarding the colony, the playful pups will actually engage with snorkelers and divers. Its like playing in a pool full of puppies. Note that again, these are highly regulated activities and only done with the supervision of local tour operators. 
  3. Stroll the Boardwalk: The new, expanded Malecon (boardwalk) offers something for everyone. Spectacular views, plentiful seating, space for skating or bike riding, live entertainment and more. Act like a local and stroll with an ice cream in the evening. 
  4. Dine Away: Chefs are definitely in on the secret as a roster of renowned and ambitious young chefs have come to town to make their mark. But fear not, while you will find adventurous cuisine, you will find plenty of traditional Baja cuisine too. A fish taco crawl should be on your to do list!
  5. Pound Sand: While there are beaches aplenty, the one not to miss is Balandra Beach. Actually, it is a collection of beaches that form a striking bay Balandra is regularly listed as among the most beautiful in Mexico. To ensure that beauty lives on, locals have ensured that the area remains undeveloped and enacted limitations to the number of visitors a day so you’ll always find it picture perfect. 

La Paz, which means “peace” in Spanish is indeed a peaceful place which happens to be chock full of adventure. We haven’t even touched on world class sportfishing, kite surfing, SCUBA diving, sand boarding, ATV adventures, mountain biking and more. So whether you’re seeking action or relaxation, and you’re lucky enough to be in driving distance to CBX, cross the border and head to the La Paz.



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