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White Borneo Kratom: Effects, Benefits, Strains & Dosage 

White Borneo Kratom will replace your morning coffee! Discover benefits & get 100% pure kratom from the top 5 brands of White Borneo Kratom.
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A few years ago, I was struggling to manage my full-time job with chronic fatigue when a friend recommended white Borneo kratom. It would be an understatement to say it changed my life. 

I’m much more energetic, have better focus, and live with a sense of sustained positivity. I brought all this change by simply replacing my morning coffee with white Borneo kratom powder. 

Before adding this white vein kratom to my regime, I talked to many kratom users from Reddit and collected valuable information from seasoned experts about its effects, benefits, strains, and dosage.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share all this knowledge with you. I’ve tested 15+ brands and found the 5 best white Borneo kratom brands of 2024. But first, let’s know more about this kratom strain.

What Is White Borneo Kratom, Effects & History?

White vein Borneo kratom has been a known name in the traditional medicine of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia since the 1850s. 

White Borneo

White Borneo kratom is a strain of Kratom that comes from a tree called ‘Mitrogyna Speciosa.’ This white vein kratom is harvested when the leaves are very young. They contain 1.3% of the alkaloid mitragynine, which is perfect to give you that energy boost.

This kratom strain also contains 11 other compounds, each responsible for producing a different effect capable of ensuring your overall well-being.


This white vein kratom comes from the Borneo Islands, a part of the Sunda Islands in South East Asia. This Island is popular for its tropical temperature, natural beauty, and the ample presence of wild kratom trees. They’ve been part of this island for centuries.

These kratom trees are not cultivated in man-made plantations, thus preserving their natural potency. It allows top kratom vendors like Happy Go Leafy to offer pure and strong white Borneo kratom.


White Borneo kratom is known to deliver a potent boost of energy and even play a major role in taking care of your overall health. You will feel physically and mentally energized, have improved sharpness and focus, and also a sense of positivity. 

As this white kratom becomes a part of your routine, you will start feeling more confident and content. While it produces a stimulant-like effect, it does not cause anxiety commonly associated with caffeine-based beverages like coffee. That’s why white Borneo is also known as ‘morning kratom.’

Where to Buy White Borneo Kratom?

#1 Happy Go Leafy 

Happy Go Leafy is the best brand to buy white Borneo kratom to beat those morning blues. The brand offers white Borneo in both powder and capsule form. 

You can get kratom powders in 2 oz, 9 oz, and 2.2 lbs packs with 100% pure and powdered mitragyna speciosa leaves. The capsules are available in packs of 150, 500 and 1000 units. Each gelatin capsule packs 600mg of all-natural white vein kratom.

What I noticed about white Borneo kratom from HGL is that it raised my physical and cognitive energy levels. When I tried their white vein kratom capsules for the first time, I started feeling the effects within 1 hour. The energy boost lasted throughout the day!


  • Availability of high quality white Borneo capsule & powder 
  • 3 pack sizes for each variant
  • Affordable prices start at $0.36-$0.40/gram
  • Tested in third-party labs
  • American Kratom Association-certified


  • Does not ship to all states

=> Click here to visit the official website “Happy Go Leafy”

#2 Nova Kratom

Nova Kratom should be your brand of choice if you’re looking for premium and clean white Borneo kratom. The brand is #2 on my list because it offers a limited variety of products in white Borneo strain.

Nova offers this energizing strain in powder and capsule. The brand offers this high-alkaloid strain between a reasonable price range of $22.00 to $88.00. The kratom powder is available in 250-gram, 500-gram, and 1000-gram bags. You can get the kratom capsules in packs of 250, 500 and 1000. 

When I bought their 500 capsule pack at $48.00, it reached me within 2 days with fast shipping. I also received 2 units of 50-gram free sample packs of red and green kratom veins!


  • 3 pack sizes of White Borneo kratom (250g-500g)
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Test results available on website
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $39.99


  • Limited variety of white Borneo products

=> Click here to visit the official website “Nova Kratom”

#3 Golden Monk

Golden Monk is the right brand to get pure and lab-tested white Borneo kratom. It is #3 on the list because the capsules might not be potent enough for experienced users but are a perfect match for budding users. However, the brand makes up for it by offering a satisfaction guarantee on its powders and capsules.

The brand tests its kratom powders and capsules for microbials, alkaloids, and purity at independent labs. It also publishes its results on the website to maintain 100% transparency.

The first thing I noticed about the white Borneo powder I got from this brand is the smell. It was earthy and slightly woody, like fresh-cut grass. You can get white Borneo from the brand from $45.98 to $156.98.


  • Pure and lab-verified white Borneo
  • Kratom imported from Southeast Asia
  • Tested in 3rd party labs
  • Subscribe and save 10%


  • Does not deliver in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Sarasota county, Vermont, and Wisconsin

=> Click here to visit the official website “Golden Monk”

#4 Klarity Kratom

If you’re looking for a brand that provides highly potent white Borneo kratom, then you’re right at home with Klarity Kratom. The brand is #4 on my list only because it offers limited information on its product pages.

Klarity offers white Borneo capsules and powders made with organic mitragyna leaves. Each capsule contains up to 750 grams of kratom powder. While shopping at this brand, I really liked that it allows you to collect reward points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts.

If you want to try their products before committing, you can get a pack of 75 kratom capsules for $19.99 or 150 grams of kratom powder for $39.99. If you like the results, you can build up to packs of 150, 300, 500, and even 1,000.


  • Organic white Borneo kratom
  • Higher potency compared to others
  • 5 pack sizes for white Borneo
  • Same day shipping available


  • Free shipping not available to Alaska & Hawaii
  • Comparatively higher price point than competitors

=> Click here to visit the official website “Klarity Kratom”

#5 Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is the brand to choose if you want high-quality yet affordable white Borneo kratom. The brand is last on my list only because it offers really small quantities of kratom. However, it makes up for it by offering lightning-fast deliveries.

The brand manufactures white Borneo powder and capsules in facilities certified by current Great Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The powder is available in packs of 35, 250, and 500 grams. If you want capsules, you can choose between bottles of 90 and 250 units. 

The thing I appreciate about the brand is its affordability. For example, a pack of 35 grams of white Borneo costs just $7.99! When I ordered from the brand, I received my bag of white Borneo powder within 3 days.


  • 100% white Borneo kratom 
  • Affordable kratom starting $7.00
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 20% off on the first order


  • Large packs not available
  • Only 2 options for capsules

=> Click here to visit the official website “Kats Botanicals”

Why Do People Love White Borneo Kratom?

If you’ve had problems with feeling fatigued, demotivated, or getting work done, you will love white Borneo kratom strain.

My testosterone levels were going down with age, and I was having a hard time getting through my days upright and happy. 

Coffee did all it could, but coping with its jitters was another challenge. I love white Borneo kratom because it became the key to my healthy life. Here are more reasons why I and many others love this white vein kratom-

Feel Energetic

If you’re new to kratom, you can start by having 4 grams of good-quality white borneo kratom strain. Within 1-2 hours of consumption, you will feel the weight sliding off your shoulders. Your body and mind will feel more energetic to motivate you for the day.

Better Focus

Once you’ve had white vein Borneo kratom strain, it will help you focus on a single task for longer. This means you can get much more stuff done than before. This strain is recommended during the morning so you can burn through your to-do list effortlessly.

Calm Temperament

If you’ve been having issues maintaining a cheerful and composed temperament, you will love white Borneo. It will help you feel completely calm and more rational within an hour. You can make better and more logical decisions at work.

Burst of Positivity

Some people like me cannot push themselves out of bed because negative emotions weigh them down. Many kratom users I interacted with reported feeling increasingly cheerful and positive after having white kratom.

White Borneo Vs White Maeng Da Kratom

The thing you should know about Maeng Da Kratom is that it is not a strain at all. It refers to any kratom that comes from the Maeng Da region of Southeast Asia. The actual English translation from Thai comes to – “pimp grade,” which simply means a stronger variety of kratom.

It’s normally a mix of kratom strains to create a stronger version. Thus, White Borneo vs White Maeng Da kratom are not really comparable. White Maeng Da could be any kratom that’s more potent than usual. This could even be a Borneo or even Malay kratom that packs a stronger punch of alkaloids. 

Some vendors mix red vein kratom with white vein to create a mix that could produce strong effects. They then label it as ‘Maeng Da’ and charge a hefty price.

Thus, if you want to get a pure product to boost your energy levels, then white Borneo kratom could be the perfect strain. However, if you’re interested in a usually stronger strain, which would possibly not be completely pure, then you can go with white Maeng Da kratom. 

If you’re new to kratom and want to keep any unwelcome effects to a minimum, then white Borneo is the recommended strain for you. The brands on this list are great for buying white Borneo kratom, as per my research. 

However, if you’re considering white Maeng Da, you might want to research and find a reputed brand that guarantees 100% purity to avoid any side effects.

Types Of Kratom Vein 

Before you understand why white Borneo kratom is the right strain for you, it’s essential to know the different types of kratom veins. The first categorization of kratom is according to various colors. 

This depends on the stage in which the kratom leaves are picked and processed. Here are the 3 main types of kratom veins, along with their characteristics-

White Vein Kratom

White kratom, like white Borneo and other white strains, is known for its energizing effects. They stimulate your body and brain and keep you alert until you take a stronger dose. 

White kratom strains will improve your focus while maintaining a sense of lasting calmness. As you increase the dose, it might produce sedative effects.

Green Vein Kratom

Green kratom, like Borneo or Thai, can be great for a sustained energy boost throughout the day. If you want to use kratom to relieve discomfort or become calmer, green veins could be more helpful than others. However, many users have reported feeling bouts of nausea if they’ve consumed higher doses.

Red Vein Kratom

Red kratom strains are perfect if you want to enjoy sedating or analgesic effects. It might not be best suited if you seek more energy. 

At lower doses, it can be great to calm down to the point of detachment. Higher amounts can control physical discomfort and lull you into restful sleep.

What To Choose: Kratom Capsules Or Kratom Powder?

If you’re new to kratom, you might want to consider white Borneo kratom capsules. Here are the reasons why-

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules contain a specific amount of powdered kratom in gelatin or soluble covering, which means you simply have to take it with water or juice. It will help you avoid the bitter taste of regular kratom. It also ensures you’re only consuming a precise amount of kratom. 

You don’t have to go through the trouble of weighing kratom powders, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Kratom Powder

White Borneo powder could be the right product for you once you gain more experience with kratom. Compared to capsules, white Borneo kratom powder would be more cost-effective. Mix a fixed amount of powder with water or your morning juice for the same events. 

However, don’t forget to keep your powder in an airtight container to preserve freshness and potency.

How To Choose The Right White Kratom Strain?

There are so many different kinds of white vein kratom. For example- white Thai, Malay, Maeng Da, Borneo, Sumatra etc. So, how is white Borneo kratom strain any different? The answer is- White Borneo kratom effects and alkaloid profile sets it apart from other white strains.

Nowadays, shady kratom vendors have started a disturbing trend. They put any white vein kratom in bags and market it as different strains like Thai or Sumatra. That’s why if a kratom vendor has something out of stock, it might be a sign that they stock only genuine strains. Kratom vendors that offer any strain in white Borneo packaging might never even run out of stock!

Also, each white vein kratom batch could be different as they are cultivated and prepared in different circumstances and seasons. That means kratom coming from the same tree in different seasons might vary in their alkaloid profile, thus producing unique effects.

Thus, white Borneo might deliver the effects you seek instead of any other white strain. This list of best kratom brands to buy white Borneo kratom is based on my personal experience. Hence, you can know exactly where you can find genuine white vein kratom and enjoy a consistently energizing experience.

FAQs About White Borneo Kratom

Q1. Is kratom really addictive?

No, if you keep a lower dosage of white kratom and take decent breaks in between, it won’t be addictive. Taking more than the recommended amount of kratom every single day might agonize your opioid receptors and create an addictive effect. Remain under normal dosages, and don’t make it a daily thing; you’ll be fine.

Q2. Is white vein kratom safe to consume?

Yes, white vein kratom is absolutely safe to consume as long as you stay within the recommended dosage and choose a reputed brand. For example, Happy Go Leafy is a well-known brand offering 100% natural and organic white vein kratom. Each batch is even tested in third-party labs to ensure complete safety.

Q3. What is white Borneo kratom used for?

White Borneo kratom is perfect to use for boosting physical and mental energy. You should feel more vigor and capability to go through your day without fatigue. It will also help you focus better on a single task and beat procrastination. White Borneo will also help you feel more calm, confident, and composed.

Q4. How to consume white vein Borneo kratom?

How you need to consume white vein Borneo kratom depends on the form you choose. For example, if you go with the powder, you can mix it in water, fruit juices, or even salads. On the other hand, kratom in capsule form are pretty much straightforward to take. Just swallow 1 capsule with a glass of room-temperature water.

Q5. How much white Borneo kratom powder should I take?

If you’re a beginner, you should take 1-2 tsp of white Borneo kratom powder with your favorite non-caffeinated beverage. It should ideally contain 2-4 grams of mitragyna speciosa. As you become experienced with kratom, you can slightly increase the dosage. However, do not exceed a serving size of 15 grams.

Q6. Does kratom help with severe pain?

Kratom contains mitragynine, which is an alkaloid that may have a morphine-like effect on the body. Thus, different strains of kratom could be useful in managing severe pain. White Borneo kratom can help you feel energized while gradually relaxing bodily discomfort. However, it is only effective where pain levels are moderate.

Q7. How does kratom work for depression and anxiety?

Kratom packs a range of alkaloids that have shown promise in animal studies to show pharmacological activity on both serotonin and dopamine pathways, which plays a crucial role in the treatment of depression and anxiety. While white Borneo kratom could be effective in providing cognitive stimulation, you must also seek therapy for a permanent resolution.

Final Thoughts About White Borneo Kratom

Adding white Borneo kratom to your daily routine can work wonders in terms of your energy and productivity. Within an hour of taking it, you’re sure to experience a boost in your vitality.

Beginners should go with capsules, while more experienced users can do well with powders. However, you must choose a reputed white Borneo kratom brand to get the best experience.

Looking for a recommendation? I would go with Happy Go Leafy to buy white Borneo kratom that’s all-natural, organic, and potent. The brand also delivers a delicate balance of quality, affordability, and effectiveness.

However, check out the other brands to buy kratom online if you want a specific effect. Add white Borneo to your regimen and become the most productive version of yourself!

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