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Your Guide to Arizona

The land of wonder where millions flock for a sun-drenched escape
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Aside from its rich geological sights that will leave anyone speechless, our neighboring state is known for its abundant Native American history, indulgent

culinary scene, and diverse culture that offers a getaway unlike any other American state. Pack your bags, hop into your car—let us guide you through a Southwestern journey where you’ll get a glimpse of a quaint town, a luxurious resort, and snippets of sights worth seeing.

Your Arizona To-Do List

The Grand Canyon continues to be the go-to destination in Arizona with millions of global visitors each year, but there are still a handful of hidden gems not widely known. The South Rim’s Shoshone Point takes adventurers down a one-mile open forest that leads to spectacular views of the canyon. For more experienced hikers, try the Grandview Trail where you’ll experience challenging switchbacks and breathtaking scenes.

Enjoy the red rock wonder of Sedona, a cozy town of just 9,000 people. Visitors will indulge in an assortment of outdoor activities, including hiking and mountain biking, then unwind in one of the many spas. Feeling spiritual? Many consider the town to be the home of an “energy vortex” where lives are transformed.

With 92,000 acres of sun-touched red rocks and sand, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park was formed during the Permian Period, historians say, when water and wind created the sand structures seen today throughout the valley. Visitors can take a 17-mile scenic route to witness the beauty and power of nature’s creations.

A Navajo Excursion 

Arizona’s history is rich thanks to the Native Americans, including the Diné, or Navajo Tribe, whose history of living in the Four Corners area of the Colorado Plateau dates back centuries. Today, there are 22 sovereign nations in the state, including the Diné/Navajo, led by the Navajo Nation Tribal Government, which was officially established in 1923.

Discover Navajo’s abundant history at the many museums within the Navajo Nation where history and culture unite with interactive exhibits, a cultural center and more. The museums will allow visitors to learn more about the culture, traditions, and family systems that complete the Diné/Navajo.

Aside from learning about the rich history of the land and its people, visitors will find an array of activities, including Jeep tours through the canyons, mountain-biking through the valleys, and a horseback ride through the lands.

With a variety of hotels to fit any budget, visitors will have their pick of where to play, dine, and relax until the next Navajo Nation adventure.

Talking Stick Resort

Arizona’s Place to Be

What do you get when you add state-of-the-art amenities, top entertainers, and luxurious accommodations? The answer is Talking Stick Resort, the AAA Four Diamond Resort conveniently located in the heart of Phoenix. With 900 slot machines, 50 card tables, a dreamy spa, spacious rooms, and more, Talking Stick Resort has repeatedly been named a top Arizona hotel attracting visitors from around the world. Aside from its action-packed casinos and entertainment venues, the resort is also known for its championship golf courses, meticulously designed by Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore, and for its perfectly heated three pools where you can wash away all of life’s worries.

Discover Flagstaff

Discover Flagstaff where deep canyons and tall mountains are only the beginning of a great vacation in the “City of Seven Wonders.” Flagstaff, a beautiful mountain town surrounded by Ponderosa pine forests, is home to national parks, monuments, starry skies, award-winning breweries, and restaurants. Begin the adventure at the Flagstaff Visitor Center with this two-day itinerary.

Day One: City of Seven Wonders

The Grand Canyon National Park, national monuments, and San Francisco Peaks in Northern Arizona are renowned attractions fondly referred as the City of Seven Wonders. In the evening, experience dining and nightlife with the Flagstaff Brewery Trail and flavorful restaurants.

Day Two: Best Astro-Tourism Destination 

Flagstaff is the world’s best destination for astro-tourism with a rich lunar legacy, which includes the discovery of Pluto, and spectacular stargazing as the world’s first dark-sky city. Daytime activities include Meteor Crater and Barringer Space Museum with evening experiences at Lowell Observatory.

Land of Wonder 

With its red rock trails, grandest of canyons and valleys, and glistening sandscapes, Arizona is the land of wonder where millions flock for a sun-drenched escape.


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