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Picture Perfect: Breaching Point

Lucky Shot
Photo by Phillip Colla

By Kristin Agnes

Date of Photo:

Summer 2012


Off the coast of Baja California near the Coronado Islands


Canon 5D Mark II camera. Canon 70-200 mm lens.

Experienced whale watchers know that timing is everything, and although humpbacks are typically in the northern waters during the summer season, Phillip Colla was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. The Carlsbad photographer and software developer was on a pal’s boat cruising the coast of Baja California. “Many blue, fin, and humpback whales were feeding on massive patches of krill. A humpback whale began breaching repeatedly for 10 minutes or so, and at one point it breached between us and the whale-watching boat you see in the background. It made for a once-in-a-lifetime shot.”

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Picture Perfect: Breaching Point

Photo by Phillip Colla

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