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6 More Weekend Activities to Try

A list of suggestions à la Diana Vreeland
Create a fun family ritual

By Erin Chambers Smith

Try mass transit

Weekends are a good time to try public transit. You don’t have the pressure of getting to work or school on time and missing class or meetings. And if you have kids, they’ll probably love the adventure. Try testing out potential commuting routes, or use it to get to a new place and explore on foot once you’re there. (East Village or Tijuana, anyone?)

Create a fun family ritual

Pick a weekend activity and then turn it up a notch for one season. My husband and I take the kids for ice cream on Friday nights, so we decided that this summer, we’d try a different place every Friday night, even if it takes us longer to drive to the spot than to eat the ice cream. The goal: Try every ice cream shop in town!

Save on Padres tix

Buy Pads tickets at least two months before the game. Pricing is newly subject to change as games get closer. For example, if the Giants start doing well and are on a winning streak, the Padres can up the price before the series starts. So pick a few games early on and buy the tickets—it’ll save you some dough.

Climb every mountain

Give Cowles a break and try another trail! The Mission Trails 5-Peak Challenge is a great way to escape the city.

Pamper your bod

Why wait until a special occasion to get a massage? The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe has a massage called The Roadie, designed to soothe you after a long bike ride.

Do what you normally do, but on a boat

Family reunion? Rent the Aolani! Ubering somewhere for drinks? Call a water taxi instead (they go to Coronado, Bali Hai, and downtown). Staycation on Airbnb? Look for boats—they are there for the renting.

6 More Weekend Activities to Try

Create a fun family ritual

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