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75 Years of San Diego Magazine

Join us in celebrating more than seven decades of storytelling as we re-imagine our most creative, inspiring and humorous covers of the past

San Diego Magazine Celebrates 75 Years!

To commemorate the milestone, the company is producing a modern art exhibit to be showcased at an event in May. The 2023 exhibit will consist of 75 covers, one from each of the past 75 years, recreated by local San Diego artists whose only direction will be to design a modern interpretation of the cover image.

The final products will be displayed over the course of a two-day experiential event, before it is open to the public. The artwork will also be featured in a commemorative coffee table book and 10 of the artists will be featured in the magazine.

Are You An Artist Who Wants To Create A Cover?

Submit Your Application Below To Be Considered

Deadline to submit is December 2, 2022 a 2:00 p.m.

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