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Meet Richard Blais

Interview with this celebrity top chef

By Erin Chambers Smith

Meet Richard Blais

Richard Blais

Richard Blais

On Bravo TV, Richard Blais is the intense celebrichef who’s always on the winning team. In real life, he’s just another laid-back dad moving to San Diego for work… and the fish tacos.

Why did you decide on San Diego for your first west coast restaurant?

My business partner/ owner, Mike Rosen, is from San Diego. It’s kind of a beautiful city, so that worked out very well.

What’s the concept? Do you have a name yet?

I can’t release the name just yet, but we do have one! Concept is also still in the works, but it will be casual enough for a business meeting, and exciting enough for a date night.

We are all about our neighborhoods in SD, and you picked a great one (North Little Italy). 

Yes, very psyched about the building and the neighborhood. It’s got a downtown energy, and that’s the style of my cuisine and personality.

What are your impressions of the city so far?

I’m spending more time here now to get settled in and check out the neighborhoods. It’s so clean and you can’t beat the great weather. I’m a big runner, so I’m looking forward to some great new scenery.

How about of our food community?

It is impressive. You don’t get a good gauge of the dining scene unless you are in it. Nationally, you don’t hear as much about San Diego, Atlanta, etc., but both are way more dynamic than the national reviews give credit. I’m just excited to be a part of it.

On TV, you seem intense. San Diegans have the reputation of being more laid-back.

It’s just TV, just competition. I’m super-laid back once you get to know me. I don’t think I’m planning anything based on reputation or stereotype. Although I am quite excited about fish tacos, both eating many and making them.

You started your food career in Atlanta. What do you love about it?

It’s where I started as a restaurant chef, but I love Atlanta because I met my wife there. I succeeded and failed there. I have a home there. It doesn’t sound right to me to proclaim one as more important at the time. San Diego and Atlanta will be independent yet equal to me, both personally and professionally.

The vibe of a restaurant matters a lot to locals here, maybe even as much as the food. What will your SD space feel like?

Vibe is a big deal to me. I think restaurants need great food, service, and vibe. I’d like it to be comforting and casual, serious about the food and beverage but not so much about ourselves. I’d like to see young couples in there with kids early in the night, business meetings and dates in the middle of the night, and singles and hipsters there late. I just want to cook for everyone and please everyone equally.

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