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San Diego Magazine Presents: SDM Studios

Our team of creative experts help create cinematic shorts for you and your business or brand. See what we can do for you now!
SDM Studios

SDM Studios

Welcome to SDM Studios. We create cinematic shorts for YOU and YOUR business or brand. No matter what you do—restaurants, retail, design, fashion, medicine, fitness, weddings, anything—our films capture it in a way that’s chef’s-table-meets-HBO-films. Think of it as an epic movie trailer for what you offer the world.

Use it on your social media, website, send to prospective clients, just stare at them to remind yourself of the awesome work you do.

See what our clients are saying about SDM Studios:

“San Diego Magazine absolutely killed it with their film about El Barbecue! As soon as it dropped, our sales, social media interactions, followers, all dramatically increased.” — Ami Cisneros, owner, El Barbecue

“At Cardellino we sold out of cinnamon rolls by 11:00 a.m. on Sunday—a new record. Guests were talking to their servers about seeing your video and coming in! Thanks, seriously.” — Lauren Winget, Marketing Director, Trust Restaurant Group

Next-Level Storytelling Formats

We offer three next-level storytelling formats to meet your business objectives: Favorite Things, The Big Open and The People Of.

Favorite Things

Favorite Things uses beautiful video to showcase the most compelling things that you make. It could be a dish, a chair, a jacket, a candle, a deck of novelty cards. Set to music or professional voice over, or both. Our team will work with you every step of the way until your compelling thing shines.

Herb and Wood

Herb & Wood’s Favorite Things’ video played over 31,000 times on San Diego Magazine‘s Instagram feed. It garnered high engagement with 140 shares and 49 saves.

  • Plays: 31,560
  • Likes: 517
  • Comments: 15
  • Shares: 140
  • Saves: 49


The Belly Up

The Belly Up created an amazing venue that’s thrived for decades and people are still talking about it. Their Favorite Things video was viewed 55,800 times and drove 2,067 likes.

  • Views: 55,803
  • Likes: 2,067
  • Comments: 92
  • Saves: 92

The Big Open

People turn to San Diego Magazine for new things to explore. Opening a new business? Debuting a rebrand or remodel? Unveiling a new product? Create a movie trailer for your opening or new thing that generates the buzz it deserves.

Kimpton Alma

Kimpton opened the doors to their freshly redesigned hotel and showed San Diego Magazine around. More than 22,300 viewed the new surroundings, 160 shared with friends for their next staycation get-a-way positioning Kimpton Amal for successful Big Open!

  • Plays: 22,336
  • Likes: 486
  • Shares: 140
  • Saves: 68

Mister A’s

Mister A’s video was met with impressive engagement from San Diego Magazine’s Instagram audience with 94,000 plays, 2,844 shares and 422 saves. Consider this, if 10% of the followers who saved the Reel visit Mr. A’s and spend $200 on a dinner for two, Mr. A’s would see an ROI of $8,440!

  • Plays: 93,726
  • Likes: 4,033
  • Comments: 97
  • Shares: 2,844
  • Saves: 422

The People Of

People are the soul of any brand. Customers connect to brands through the people behind them. Give your business a face, tell the story of why you do what you do. Our team have mastered the craft of helping you find that story, and expressing it through sight, sound, motion, feeling.

Tony’s Jacal

The family story behind Tony’s Jascal moved San Diego Magazine Instagram followers into action with 790 shares and 321 saves.

  • Plays: 24,215
  • Likes: 1,652
  • Comments: 71
  • Shares: 790
  • Saves: 321


The People of Mateo made a connection with San Diego Magazine’s Instagram followers and captured an organic audience in the Explore feed. Overall it garnered an impressive 106,252 impressions across the platform.

  • Plays: 42,816
  • Likes: 4,192
  • Comments: 135
  • Shares: 1,691
  • Saves: 602

Social Media Capabilities


Choose your video in two styles: cinematic and organic. Cinematic is shot and edited by our in-house filmmaker for richest, film-caliber footage. Organic is shot by our social media creatives on iPhones, and professionally edited. Both are very effective for different brand objectives (cinematic for highest-quality imagery, organic for on-the-street appeal.)

Contact Us 

See what a video produced by SDM Studios can do for you. Connect with us today by emailing us at [email protected]! Video production starts at $950.

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