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San Diego Oasis Helps Seniors Learn Tech

Plus, San Diego Humane Society raises money for baby wildlife

By Sarah Sapeda

The residents of Trinity Place senior housing community in Grantville will get some training this week to help them build up their technology know-how and keep them connected. Nonprofit San Diego Oasis will be on hand distributing tablets and other tech as part of its efforts to bridge the digital divide among older adults. San Diego Oasis works with local senior living facilities and organizations that serve older adults in need, like Trinity Place, to help identify seniors who may not have access to technology, are isolated, or who aren’t tech savvy. To date, they have provided tablets, free internet access, and tech training to more than 600 seniors around the county.

The training is not open to the public, but San Diego Oasis is accepting volunteers, donations, and corporate sponsors. For more information, contact Jolyn Parker at 858-353-0439. For more information about classes offered at San Diego Oasis, visit

Humane Society Raccoons - MMGN

San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife is preparing for a busy baby season and is hosting a virtual baby shower to stock up on much-needed supplies. Every spring, Project Wildlife is inundated by injured and orphaned baby wildlife and works to nurse them back to health. These baby raccoons, rabbits, hummingbirds, ducklings, bobcats, and other animals are then released back into the wild where they belong.

“The community’s generosity will help give these babies the care they need to grow healthy and strong before they’re released back into the wild,” said SDHS’s director of wildlife medicine, Jon Enyart, DVM. “Every heating pad, bag of birdseed and can of baby food donated will make a lifesaving difference and we are so grateful for the support.”

SDHS has baby registries on Amazon and at Target. To donate a gift, visit

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