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Journeys with Kabir – Prahlad Singh Tipanya in Concert

About the Event

The Center for World Music and the Indian Fine Arts Academy of San Diego present:
Journeys with Kabir – Prahlad Singh Tipanya in Concert

Padma Shri Prahlad Singh Tipanya is one of India’s most popular and highly honored folk singers. Renowned for singing the songs of Kabir, the great iconoclastic mystic of 15th-century North India, Tipanya is also a highly respected interpreter of Kabir’s spirituality.

We are delighted to welcome this extraordinary musician and his troupe back to San Diego some 20 years after their first, unforgettably wonderful concert at the University of San Diego during their first US tour in 2003.

Tipanya and his troupe of three musicians from his home village in North India will present a concert of devotional songs based on the mystical poems (dohas) of Kabir.

During the concert, Dr. Linda Hess, retired professor of religious studies at Stanford University and a leading scholar and translator of Kabir, will present translations of the powerful poetry that the musicians will sing.

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