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Mind Reader: Steven Nicholas

About the Event

Mind Reader premiered at last year’s Orlando Fringe Festival. After the first performance the Orlando Weekly wrote that it was “consistently astounding” and “a thrilling hour of mystifying mentalism.” The show continued to develop over the course of a seven festival tour, going on to win the “Best Solo Show” award at this year’s Tucson Fringe Festival.

If the thought of being part of the show sounds like an intimidating proposition, would-be audience members should know they have nothing to fear. While some interactive and comedic shows invite audience members on stage and make them look foolish, Mind Reader does the complete opposite. One of the defining features of Steven’s work is making the audience the stars of the show and sometimes helping them to discover abilities they never would have imagined they might possess.

Every audience member participates in at least some capacity, and those who take a more prominent role are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. As the show name would suggest, Steven will read the minds of many audience members in unexpected and surprising ways. Mind Reader will also feature demonstrations of lighting fast mnemonics, a brief but shocking hallucination, and a finale that defies any rational explanation.

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