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Reception: Stillman Art Prize

About the Event

Stillman Art Prize is a regional exhibition of LGBTQ+ visual artists running November 7 – December 7, 2024 produced by The Studio Door.

Free to the public. No reservation required. We encourage your support through the purchase of the artists’ artworks.We encourage your support through the purchase of the artists’ artworks.

Inaugurating the prestigious Stillman Art Prize, The Studio Door proudly introduces an annual event dedicated to honoring the excellence of LGBTQ+ artists, both past and present, across the vibrant San Diego-Tijuana region. This distinguished award seeks to celebrate the diverse and impactful contributions of the LGBTQ+ artistic community, fostering recognition and appreciation for their invaluable role in shaping the cultural landscape of our interconnected cities. Join us in commemorating and supporting the artistic brilliance that transcends boundaries, as we shine a spotlight on the extraordinary legacy of LGBTQ+ artists in our rich and dynamic region.

The reception promises an exciting moment as we reveal and celebrate this year’s recipients of the Stillman Art Prize. Join us for an evening of art, recognition, and community as we honor excellence in fine art.

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