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How to Care for Your Burro’s Tail

Easy steps to keep this sun-loving succulent happy

Succulent lovers with a just-right spot to hang a plant outdoors should look no further than a burro’s tail to add to their collection. This chunky trailing plant is a head-turner in any space where it hangs and is very low maintenance. Here, Tammy Nguyen, owner of IvyMay & Co.,  fills out our tip sheet on how to care for a burro’s tail.

Green Thumb: Optional

Burro’s tail is among the most independent of outdoor plants. Once you find their happy place—meaning a spot with a little shade—they require minimal watering. This makes them perfect for plant parents who have little time to care for their green guys.

Lighting Requirements

As with most succulents, the burro’s tail is a sun worshipper through and through. But it’s best to put yours in a slightly shaded area to avoid it getting sun scorched. And while these plants thrive best outdoors, you also can place them inside next to a bright window.

Watering Requirements

One monthly watering is about all your burro’s tail needs. No kidding! Heads up: Since they require such little hydration, the soil can clump together between watering sessions. Consider using a pen or chopstick to poke holes in your soil as a form of aeration before you soak your plant.

Planting Pointers

True to most trailing plants, a burro’s tail prefers to be kept in a high place so it has room to grow. Pot yours in a well-draining container (meaning a pot with holes in the bottom), in a cactus or succulent soil that promotes good drainage. Tip: Add additional perlite to your soil mix to make an ultra-well-draining concoction.

Price: $25–$35 for a 6-inch pot

IvyMay & Co. is a former plant retailer turned e-boutique manufacturer of potting soils, trellises, and pebbles.

Burros Tail

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