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Improve Feel and Distance Control

By Tina Mickelson

When chipping around the green, distance control is critical. The following drill will help you sharpen your feel for distance.

  • Place a club on the ground about 18 inches behind the hole. Place another club on the ground about 18 inches in front of the hole, making sure it is slightly off to the side in order to allow the ball to roll up to the hole.
  • Your main focus is to have your ball come to rest in between those two clubs. This will ensure that your remaining putt is a relatively easy one, giving yourself a better chance of getting up and down.

As a result of focusing solely on distance, your direction will improve as well. You will find that the more you practice this drill, the more comfortable you become with your chipping out on the golf course—resulting in getting the ball up and down a lot more.

Improve Feel and Distance Control

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