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Skova Reinvents Itself in Encinitas

Step inside the boutique bent on making the outdoors fashion-forward

By Sarah Pfledderer

Skova Reinvents Itself in Encinitas

Skova boutique Encinitas

Photo by Jenny Siegwart

A park, the beach, the side of a country road, even in the back of a truck—Michaela Moryskova does not discriminate when it comes to picnics.

“I think it’s my European background,” says the Czech native, a designer and former model who moved to San Diego 15 years ago. “I’ve noticed Americans are not as into picnics, and I’m shocked. We need to bring this here.”

That’s pretty much the premise of her eponymous boutique, Skova, in Encinitas.

Skova Reinvents Itself in Encinitas

Skova boutique Encinitas gifts

A Picnics by Skova spread

Originally launched as a jewelry and accessories brand in 2008, last year it refocused on textiles that cater to her cause, with inventory spanning pillows, kimonos, oversized beach towels in round and square varieties, resort towels for individuals, and oh yes, picnic rugs, with suede carriers to boot.

“I’m very outdoorsy and wanted people to experience that through my products. We have almost every accessory you need for the outdoors.” But think more fashion-forward Coachella versus rugged REI.

Through the doors of the Encinitas showroom turned chic retail shack are those intricately detailed towels and rugs, all etched by Moryskova herself and inspired by her travels—kilim pattern from her perusals in Turkey, a lemon design from a memory of sipping limoncello on the Amalfi Coast.

Skova Reinvents Itself in Encinitas

Skova Reinvents Itself in Encinitas

The Kilim Travel Towel

You’ll also find swimsuits, sunglasses, baskets from Plumb + Sparrow, beach umbrellas, and even a picnic gift set, complete with a Skova rug, bottle of bubbly, and flutes.

As if that’s not enough to pick up on the picnic drift, the boutique also offers a Picnics by Skova service that’ll set a spread wherever you wish.

133 Second Street, Encinitas

Skova Reinvents Itself in Encinitas

Skova boutique Encinitas gifts

The picnic gift set

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