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This New Co-op in Oceanside Makes It Easy to Shop Local

Tremont Collective houses nine small businesses where you can shop, eat, drink, and connect

By Elena Gomez

Tremont Collective - Main

Tremont Collective – Main

Just blocks from the Oceanside coast, a brand-new space has opened its doors. Tremont Collective is home to nine local businesses: Brixton, Communal, The Annex Stab MagazineAtacamaBottlecraftShootz Fish x BeerVerve Studios, and Al Fresko. Each boasts their own storefront in a communal 3,400-square-foot outdoor space where people can enjoy, say, a beer and a post-workout glow all in one place.

Tremont - Bottlecraft


“There’s truly something for everyone here,” says Brian Jensen, owner of Bottlecraft. “Maybe a nice glass of wine or a coffee, shopping for some home goods, or even picking up wax for your board over at Atacama. To be a part of that culture and bring that neighborhood vibe, that’s what we’re all looking for.”

Fabric, the redevelopment team behind Tremont Collective, transformed this 25,000-square-foot lot from auto repair garages into a place that creates a neighborhood block party of sorts on South Tremont Street, providing both indoor and outdoor experiences for people to get together from morning to evening.

Tremont - Communal

Communal Coffee

“What I love about Oceanside is how laid back, relaxed, and kind it is,” says Jennifer Byard, founder and owner of Communal. “Every place I’ve visited, all the people I’ve met since I’ve been building this, have been so kind and welcoming. It’s not a super-small community, but it feels like a small town.”

Tremont - Brixton


Brixton is no stranger to Oceanside. The apparel and headwear retailer was founded right here in 2004. Brixton CEO Raphael Peck says the goal was always to find the right location for the company in their birthplace. Today, that space also comes with the unique opportunity to share it with eight close neighbors.

“If I think about the future of retail or brick-and-mortar, we really want to get more connected with our consumer,” he says. “We want to give them an experience. We want to show them how to wear a hat, how to customize their hat, how to care for it, and ultimately how to finish that look. We want to be a part of likeminded companies that are all here in the Tremont Collective—all wanting to give back and create an experience for Oceanside in their own way.”

Tremont Collective is now open at 602 South Tremont Street in Oceanside. Check each store’s website for their individual hours.


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