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This San Diego Startup Is Teaching Men How to Shop

Cayenne puts a little spice in guys' wardrobe, one garment a day

By Sarah Pfledderer

Choose it or lose it! That’s the straightforward approach at the center of a new San Diego–built app that’s making retail simpler for shopping-averse men. Cayenne lists one clothing item per day—everything from suits to casual wear to accessories—and gives users 24 hours to buy it (or not). At midnight, the piece disappears forever (although it might pop up again in a few months if it’s a best-seller), then it’s a new item’s turn in the spotlight.

And unlike other clothing apps, there are no strings attached, like subscription fees. In fact, CEO and cofounder Michael Sacks says the whole concept is meant to help men get more comfortable with picking out their own clothes. “We have a theory that the traditional shopping experience is for women because they tend to be the main shopper, so we built Cayenne with men in mind,” he says, noting many users have wives or even mothers who do their shopping for them. “The one-time purchasing opportunity teaches people to act.”

Brands in their inventory include local labels, such as Blenders Eyewear, Friday & River, Roamers, and Linksoul, as well as other indie brands from around the world. That means there are plenty of up-and-coming designers to peruse. As for the name? As Sacks says, “We just want to add a little spice to your wardrobe.”

Free on iOS and Android devices

This San Diego Startup Is Teaching Men How to Shop

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