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70 & Sunny: Kay and Mahana

Two San Diegans, decades apart, talk about their summer plans
Justin Halbert

By Erica Nichols

Kay Nixon

76, Retired, Coronado

How long have you been in Coronado?

I’ve lived here my whole life. I moved out of my home a few years ago after living there for 65 years, but still own and rent it out to a family. It didn’t make sense to be in a big house on my own. My new place is close to shops and to the park; it’s really fabulous. I’m so happy here.

Any summer plans?

I got my second vaccination, so I’m just really looking forward to getting out a bit more, seeing some friends and loved ones I haven’t been able to see, and life feeling a little more normal again.

Has it been hard for you to stay indoors?

Definitely. I made do by cooking for my neighbors and by driving friends to doctor’s appointments when they needed it. But I’m a really social person. I love going to the movies, to concerts in the park, to baseball games. But when they said no, I listened—even though it’s my least favorite word to say and to hear.

So you’re a little stubborn, like me?

Oh, totally. I want to dig my heels in and say, “What do you mean, no?!”

What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m a dedicated Padres fan, so I can’t wait to go watch a game. I’ve had season tickets since ’77 and went to the playoff games in Chicago and the World Series in Detroit. Myers, Machado, Tatís… those are my players!

Mahana Estall

9, Fourth Grader, Coronado

What’s been exciting you these days?

My singing lessons. I love to sing, especially any songs by Ellie Goulding, because they have a lot of energy. It just makes me feel happy and helps to lift my spirits.

Do you ever get nervous?

I get nervous all the time, but the more I do it, the less I feel it. I just try to do my best. Even if it’s not the best, I think it’s still something I should be proud of.

How’s school been?

I was asked to join the No Place for Hate committee for my school. Every Monday, we call it Mahalo Mondays, I get to go and greet all the in-person students at the gate after lunch and welcome them back. It’s so that we can meet new students and make sure no one feels left out.

What’s important to you in a friendship?

Loyalty and kindness. Also, that we all think differently. That way we can find different things to do or talk about and avoid doing the same thing every day.

Any summer plans?

We might go back to visit our family in Tahiti. I haven’t seen them in a long time, so I’m trying to learn French so that I can speak with them. It’s supposed to be a lot easier than learning Tahitian. I really only know the basics, like “Hi” and “What are we having for dinner?”

70 & Sunny – Kay and Mahana

Justin Halbert

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