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I Wear What I Want

Employment attorney and chair of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation says it's all about confidence
Janice Brown | Photo: Flavio Scorsato

By Jennifer Davies

When Janice Brown first became an attorney, dressing for success meant mimicking men’s fashion.

“Being a lawyer, everyone expected you to look like Perry Mason, and Perry Mason was a dude,” she says.

Nowadays, Brown wears what she wants—and lets those who work with her do the same. For her it’s all about feeling confident and expressing your individuality.

“Confidence is one of the most important things a lawyer needs,” she says. “I choose to dress appropriately, but in a very individualized way.”

That fashion freedom does not extend to the courtroom, however.

“There is a custom; when you go to court you wear a suit,” she says. “Because when you are in court, you don’t want it to be about your clothes. It should be about your arguments.”

Still, Brown feels at this point in her career it’s great to not have to worry about her sartorial stylings.

“It does help when you are older. You can do what you want.” Also, she says with a laugh, “you care less about what people think.”

She’s our keynote speaker! Meet Brown at our Celebrating Women event September 25.

I Wear What I Want

Janice Brown | Photo: Flavio Scorsato

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