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Meet Local Installation Artist Ashley Renuart

See her work in local storefronts like Juneshine, Native Poppy, YogaSix, and Lululemon

By Jenna Miller

Ashley Renuart

Ashley Renuart

Whether through a floral fortress of pinks and purples, a thicket of neutral native grasses, or a ceiling filled with tinsel and disco balls, Ashley Renuart likes to create installation pieces that transport you.

She’s made these grand sculptures to transform the physical experience of local storefronts like Juneshine, Native Poppy, Yoga Six, and Lululemon. Her goal is to help them elevate their spaces with a visual extension of their brand. And if they happen to steal the show, more’s the better.

In 2006, Renuart moved to San Diego and worked for Anthropologie as a display coordinator for eight years. While doing so, she also interned and apprenticed under a few local florists like Siren Floral and Native Poppy. Cut to ten years later, and she was ready to break out and launch her own business.

Inspiration for her pieces comes mostly from nature; she studies the patterns, shapes, and lush textures of local foliage that she comes across during her solo hikes or walks along the ocean. Today, Renuart is not only running her own successful business, she’s also a mother of two young girls. This fall, she’ll be making and selling wheat fans on her website (seen above) and designing a new installation for Native Poppy.

“For me, success doesn’t mean more jobs, more employees, or more income,” Renuart says. “Slowing down and savoring the creative process, executing work that feels authentic, and delighting my client is what it’s all about.”

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