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Sheltering at Home with… Don Orsillo, Padres Announcer

During the first season in decades without a baseball game to narrate, he’s giving the play-by-play on fishing, cooking with family, and rewatching “The West Wing”


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TV play-by-play announcer, San Diego Padres

Who you’re sheltering with:

Me and my wife Kathy. Our daughters Sydney and Lauren have spent some time here during the pandemic with us as we group social distance.

What you’re doing for exercise:

Walk every morning a little over an hour. I have two routes, in the neighborhood and on the Silver Strand State Beach across the way. I try to rotate daily to mix it up. I think it’s a little over four miles.

Go-to meal:

I love to cook, and this time has given me the chance to try some new things. Mostly Italian, and many on the grill. Lots of seafood!

New TV show you’ve discovered:

I’m actually rewatching The West Wing. My wife hadn’t seen it, so I’ve had the chance to see all the seasons over again and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Since there are no concerts, The Dave Matthews Band rerun shows from last summer’s tour have filled quite a few nights for me.

Any rituals to stay sane?

It’s funny—in my now 20 years in the Majors, I have had nothing but daily rituals in a normal 162-game season. But now it’s fishing, fishing, and more fishing. With varying degrees of success. I have a paddleboat and pedal out into the bay, anchor down, and fish most afternoons. Calming. Any time I can spend out there, I cherish.

What you’ve come to appreciate:

My family. For the last 30 years I have always been working or on the road all over the country broadcasting baseball, beginning in February every spring and all summer. This year we’ve had a great amount of time spent together. Simply time we ordinarily wouldn’t have had.

What’s your daily uniform at home:

Shorts, boat shoes, polo or fleece of some kind. Generally repping my team. I have a ton of comfortable Padres hangout gear. During spring training, with the Padres changing back to brown this year, I had to really update my wardrobe. So I was ready.

What you can’t wait to do when it’s safe for everything to reopen:

Broadcast baseball and do what I love. Going to stadiums, calling great games, and having all the Friar Faithful be there and be able to attend without fear, and for them to just be able to enjoy a day or night at Petco Park again when able.

What does your workspace look like?

It’s been spent in my wife Kathy’s office. We have been doing virtual Padres broadcasted games and shows on social media and Fox Sports San Diego from home. It’s where the laptop is and has the best WiFi for video and audio purposes.

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