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These Three Local Soapmakers Come Clean on How Their Businesses Came to Be

The origin stories on Salted Cream, Dirty Goat Soap, and Helix Soap Co.

By As told to Sarah Pfledderer

Local Shopmakers - Bee Happy

Local Shopmakers – Bee Happy

“All of my soap is made in micro-batches. My recipes typically yield 10 to 20 soap bars per batch. Bar soaps do not need plastic containers and are made with plant-sourced ingredients, making them an environmental ally. The friction while using a bar of soap can also better break down harmful bacteria and dirt on the surface of the skin.

Every soap bar I make is unique, like an art piece. The charcoal- and clay-infused bars are intentionally designed to have an essence of the ocean. Their hand-decorated tops resemble the beauty and turbulence of waves and are garnished with sea salt sprinkles. The name Salted Cream is inspired by the essence of balance, more specifically the balance found in recipes for baking, my first love.” —Cecilia Juarez, owner of Salted Cream


“When my kids were in middle school, their teacher brought in a baby goat one day, and that was it. My son came home and asked if he could raise goats. We started with two, then took things seriously and moved to Ramona, where we were permitted to have more—we now have more than 40 goats. They provide quite a bit of milk. We worked with a soap maker for five years and in November 2019 the proprietors decided they could no longer keep up with demand. We took on the challenge and have perfected the presentation and quality of our goat milk soaps. Sometimes we go well into the night or get up before the rooster crows to start the soap-making process. But the clean scent in our home when making soap can relax us at the end of a very busy day.” —Lori Sorbo, owner of Dirty Goat Soap

2106 Main Street, Julian


“What sets us apart is our ingredients. We’re hyper-local and utilize calendula, yarrow, mint, and turmeric, many from our own property and community. We’re gardeners first and foremost, so our soaps (pictured above) are inspired by nature and the ingredients can be picked at the peak of freshness. I love to find new natural colorants and organic mix-ins, and I use seasonal fruits and flowers as inspiration. I also recently began offering custom soaps, using customers’ favorite beer or tea, or apples from their yard, for a perfect sentimental gift. We adore our collaborations, like our soaps made with beer from Helix Brewing or with coffee from Dark Horse Coffee Roasters.” —Krista Lee, owner and president of Helix Soap Co.


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