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Local Georgina Saucedo's workout line focuses on performance, comfort, and affordable quality with sets under $100
Courtesy of Anywear Athleisure
Anywhere Athleisure

Anywhere Athleisure

Courtesy of Anywear Athleisure

On a relatively chilly winter day in San Diego (meaning below 65 degrees), Georgina Saucedo strides inside a cozy Parisian café in North Park, prepared for more than the erratic weather.

In an all-black outfit, a brown puffer vest, and sneakers, Saucedo sports a workout long-sleeve and high-waisted leggings from Anywear Athleisure, her activewear brand. A casual outfit to the ordinary eye, it is actually a three-piece ensemble mirroring her lifestyle: sporty, chic, and always on-the-go.

From making top sales in stores like David’s Bridal, Saucedo switched gears to start her own business in 2020, inspired by the energies around her. “I was surrounded by and working for powerful, successful, entrepreneurial women,” Saucedo shares. “I was very successful in sales, and I was like, ‘Imagine if I put all of that energy into something my own.’”



Cue Anywear Athleisure (formerly Anywear Sportswear), a women’s workout line carrying biker shorts, sports bras, and leggings with co-ord sets priced at no more than $70. She says performance, comfort, and affordable quality are the driving factors behind her brand. “I don’t want to worry about a wardrobe malfunction [during my workout],” Saucedo comments. “I was more inspired by comfort and performance than trends and fashion.”

A lifelong athlete, Saucedo grew up going to the gym, playing tennis and basketball, and was part of her high school’s swim and dive teams. While having her products squat-proof, non-see-through, and supportive enough for high-impact workouts were her main priorities, Saucedo also sourced her inspiration from current trends.

“It” girls like Hailey Baldwin and Instagram influencers like Alexa Beguti, with clean, minimalistic, and low-maintenance aesthetics, are her go-to’s for style inspiration. Saucedo strives for an effortless look, what she calls the “equivalent of a no-makeup, makeup look,” but with athleisure.

In 2021, her fitness life was altered after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder that impedes her ability to do some forms of exercise. Saucedo quit her job at the White Flower Bridal Boutique to focus entirely on Anywear Athleisure. “Being diagnosed with that really made me step back and look into wellness,” Saucedo opens up. “Working out was a hobby. Now, it’s what regulates my health.”

By Roxana Becerril

Roxana Becerril is a Mexican-American writer living in San Diego. When she's not traveling or checking out the newest restaurant in the city, she covers art, culture, lifestyle and Latino topics.

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