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Meet 6 of San Diego’s Unsung Heroes

A snapshot of the brave men and women who keep our city running—a teacher, detective, firefighter, and more—and the trials and triumphs of their professions
Meet 6 of San Diego's Unsung Heroes

Meet 6 of San Diego’s Unsung Heroes

Jonathan Feliciano Fire Engineer/Paramedic, Coronado Fire Department pg 80

A job can be your livelihood, but for some people, a job is more about keeping others afloat, safe, healthy, even alive.

These are the challenging, heart-wrenching careers that call upon a deep reserve of emotional strength, patience, and resolve. Frankly, not all of us are cut out for it. So it’s a good thing we have brave citizens to step up. You might not know their faces or names, but you’ll want to know their stories.

Here, we profile six local heroes who are effecting change, empowering the underserved, and making San Diego a better place.

By Kai Oliver-Kurtin

Kai Oliver-Kurtin is a San Diego-based writer who covers travel, dining, events, and culture. Her writing has been published in USA Today, Condé Nast Traveler, Fodor's Travel, Marie Claire, and HuffPost, among others.

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