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Operation: Get Healthy!

New year, new routine! Ready, set, read on.

San Diego is not a lazy town. We’re the birthplace of the modern triathlon. We’ve built 65 miles of hiking trails in Balboa Park alone. Ashtanga Yoga got its start in the Western world right here in Encinitas—home to no less than 31 yoga studios, about one for every 2,000 residents.

Last September, ABC News/Prevention ranked our city number five on a list of America’s happiest, healthiest cities, in part because we have the highest percentage of residents who exercise regularly.

For 2014, we road-tested a handful of fitness, nutrition, and wellness trends. Because, if anything, a new year calls for a new routine.

Ready, set, read on.

Operation: Get Healthy!

Yoga at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas

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