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Where to Get Brunch Cocktails in San Diego

A quick guide to some of the city's best beverages to pair with your eggs benedicts and waffles
Madi brunch cocktails in San Diego
Courtesy of Madi

For years, brunch cocktails meant bloody marys and mimosas—not bad choices, but not as inventive as their evening counterparts. With craft cocktails’ explosion in popularity, bartenders saw an opportunity to make brunch menus more interesting.


Courtesy of Morning Glory

A perfect example is Little Italy brunch mecca Morning Glory, where the menu is thoughtfully divided into cocktails to pair with your meal or mood. Beverage director Anthony Schmidt said the general idea is to embrace the spirit (and experience) of brunch: “Bigger, longer drinks with care not to lean too sweet, and savory, satiating options for hangry guests dealing with long waits.”


Photo Credit: Arlene Ibarra

It’s not difficult to find other great brunch cocktails around town. Kindred in South Park serves the Serpentine, featuring reposado tequila, a tasty verdita, prickly pear brandy, and dry curacao. University Heights’ Madison and its brunch-focused lil’ sis Madi (in Normal Heights) both serve the light, refreshing Motor Bike, made with blanco tequila, watermelon, Aperol, ginger, and lime.


Courtesy of Queenstown Public House


In Little Italy, Queenstown Public House has a breakfast old fashioned that gets a double shot of coffee from Mr. Black coffee liqueur and Pannikin cold brew. In Carlsbad, Shorehouse Kitchen’s homage to the mai tai features a housemade lilikoi fruit foam and macadamia nut blossom honey.



Photo Credit: Kimberly Motos

The Cantalupo at Mission Hills’ Cardellino, made with gin, lime, cantaloupe, mint, and salt, hits all the right notes. Little Lion Cafe in Ocean Beach offers an antioxidant-rich sangria made with hibiscus and fresh juices. And at The Shores in La Jolla, the Dragonberry Paloma is spicy and sublime, made with dragon berry vodka, muddled jalapenos and cucumbers, grapefruit juice, lime, and soda.


By Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis is an award-winning journalist who writes about jails, homelessness, and vulnerable populations but also loves a good cocktail and watching San Diego become a food-and-drink destination.

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