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Beer Scholarships Are Real

Chula Vista man gets his UCSD-approved beer studies paid for

Some people get scholarships to study astrophysics. Others get their pre-med schooling paid for with fine javelin skills. Chula Vista man Frank Yepiz just got a full ride to make beer. The stay-at-home dad just became the first person awarded the Karl Strauss Brewer’s Education Fund scholarship—a new endeavor with the UCSD Extension Brewing Program to help groom the next generation of innovative beer minds. Yepiz will spend the next 18-24 months being educated by top brewers and industry experts, all while interning at Karl Strauss. You can read about his adventures on the blog, and apply to become the next annual recipient here. With a new craft brewery opening every 17.4 seconds in the San Diego area, someone should fund a Mild Hangover Possibly Due to Gluten Sensitivity Sciences scholarship as well.

NOTES: Waffle sandwiches will a thing in be 2014. Rare Form—the new deli-and-schnaps concept coming from Consortium Holdings—will serve ‘em. And now Bruxie—an Orange County-based chain that people have a near-irrational affection for—is coming to San Diego. Bruxie specializes in Belgian waffles as the “bread” for savory sandwiches (buttermilk fried chicken, prosciutto and gruyere, hot pastrami) and chefly sweets (crème brulee, Nutella and banana, s’mores, etc.). They’ll be opening their first local outpost in late June near SDSU (5157 College Ave., the former California Kebab)… Abnormal Wine Company in Rancho Bernardo is currently closed for a major remodel that includes a new restaurant. RB has long been known as a fine place to play tennis to the soothing aromatherapy of menthol pain cream. But it’s slowly getting life with the likes of Urge Gastropub, Brothers Provisions, Kebab Shop and Abnormal…. There are very few bistros that rival the hand-on-your-knee romantic charms of Café Chloe, but Hanna’s Gourmet in University Heights comes close. It’s become a favorite for the mimosa brunch set and sweet tooths, but chef/owner Hanna Tefsamichael really wanted to do sit-down French, Italian, pan-global dinner service.  So she annexed the space behind her for a new bar (beer/wine), cappuccino station and a full dining room with 12 more tables (fits 36 people). Choice dishes: beef bourguignon with butternut squash mash, seared salmon over cilantro noodles, sautéed shrimp in tomato-curry sauce with arugula and paneer cheese, It’s now a perfect place to have a dinner that’ll make you want to immediately take your date home and make European-influenced, pan-global babies…. Recently, a restaurant near center city that seemed to have a real creative spirit closed down. I wondered why. A person close to it explained: “Drugs, man. Lots of bad drugs. It was like Trainspotting, The Restaurant.”

Your scholarship is lame. This man just got a full beer ride.

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