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Anthony Sinsay is going back to school.

By Nate Martins

If this doesn’t make you smile, get professional help.

Burlap’s chef Anthony Sinsay is giving back to his local alma mater, Southwest High School (he graduated in 2001) by giving culinary students professional kitchen experience.

The Sharon Kleinschmidt Culinary Scholarship, named after Sinsay’s late home economics teacher who’d spent almost 48 years teaching, gives nine students an opportunity to get into Burlap’s kitchen for three weeks.

To raise funds for the scholarship, the nine students will work with Sinsay to create a four-course menu for a popup restaurant event called Restaurant 404k, taking place at Southwest High School on May 21, 2013

Tickets are $40 a person, proceeds going right to the scholarship.

Even if you can’t make the event, this one is important folks. Furthering young culinary passions could lead to the city’s next great homegrown chef. Go, and eat some food made by a youngster that probably blows your cooking out of the water.

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