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G’NIGHT: Meatball Cucina (Sora)

Second high-profile restaurant group goes out on Broadway
Luis Garcia

By Troy Johnson

It’s a tough spot that’s now taken down two big concepts. The large, attractive restaurant space without parking or foot traffic—AKA 655 W. Broadway in west Downtown—first submarined Crescent Heights, the debut from talented Wolfgang Puck protoge, David McIntyre. And yesterday the second group of high-profile restaurant partners walked away from it. Meatball Cucina is closed. Originally opened as Sora, it seemed so full of promise with a unique concept (Japanese-Italian) and talented chef (lifelong Nobu sushi man, Noriyoshi Teruya). But reviews of dishes like housemade pasta with edamame puree were less than stellar and business was slow, so in April they reconcepted as Meatball Cucina. Now the space will lay dormant and wait for the long-delayed westward expansion of Downtown—which will also ideally, miraculously, bring a few parking spots.

G’NIGHT: Meatball Cucina (Sora)

Luis Garcia

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