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Very Important Taco: Puesto’s Cali Taco

The taco juggernaut is taco-izing our namesake burrito
The Cali Taco at Puesto

By Archana Ram

There’s a lot to be proud of in San Diego—impeccable weather, biomedical breakthroughs, a world-class zoo, and the almighty California burrito. Though stories of the burrito’s origin vary—some say it came from Santana’s, while others give credit to Roberto’s—the burrito’s makeup is the same: a blend of carne asada, guacamole, and french fries that has seen a few permutations (like carne asada fries).

Now Puesto has turned out its own spin on the culinary icon. The off-menu Cali taco starts with guacamole spread on the house-made tortilla, and is stuffed with filet rolled in cheese, tomatillo roja, crema, jalapeño pico, micro cilantro, and crispy potato skins that mimic the vital french fry ingredient. Get some extra napkins—this is a messy one to eat, just like every good taco should be.

789 West Harbor Drive, Downtown; 1026 Wall Street, La Jolla

Very Important Taco: Puesto’s Cali Taco

The Cali Taco at Puesto

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