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Very Important Taco: Yucatecos Tacos

Get it at Mama Testa Taqueria

By Archana Ram

After more than a decade in Hillcrest, Mama Testa Taqueria recently moved to larger digs in Mira Mesa. Plenty of new items, including chorreados, or sauce-covered tacos, have been added, but loyalists will appreciate that the classics are still in play. For the Yucateco, a corn tortilla is stuffed with pulled pork that’s been marinating in orange juice and annatto paste for 24 hours before getting steamed in a banana leaf for another six. The method honors traditional Yucatecan cooking—mostly. (There’s the minor detail of the San Diego health code not allowing underground pit cooking, as custom dictates.) It’s then topped with pickled red onions and radishes, and results in a blend of sweet, sour, and spicy notes. Pair it with their El Gallo salsa, made of pineapples and red onions, and then you’ll agree—Mama, we’ve missed you.

9225 Mira Mesa Boulevard, Mira Mesa

Very Important Taco: Yucatecos Tacos

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