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What We’re Craving, Sipping, and Talking About in January

Ossum bone broth, PlantX, and a new late-night supper club coming to the Gaslamp

By Jeanette Giovanniello

What We're Loving - XMarket


Well Planted

Thanks to an ever-growing list of meat-free establishments, each day it’s getting easier to live a plant-based lifestyle in San Diego. Last fall, XMarket (3930 Fifth Avenue, Hillcrest), a fully vegan grocery store, opened a brick-and-mortar location here, paving an approachable path to greener eating. The store’s parent company, PlantX, is an international plant-based e-commerce business that strives to deliver products as frequently as Amazon, making this lifestyle not only sustainable but convenient, too. Next to the tempting aisles of snacks, ice cream, and cheese is a small coffee shop with a full kitchen run by chef Ma hew Kenney. Here, you can buy grab-and-go sandwiches like the Meat Lovers, made with vegan salami, smoked tomato ham, and grilled cheese. While you’re at it, head to longtime vegan favorite Mission Square Market (6171 Mission Gorge Road, Grantville). The deli makes fresh custom sandwiches for its devotees, with several protein and dairy-free-cheese options. The market is also a fully-stocked convenience store, keeping up to date with all the latest snacks, drinks, and pastries that sprout.

Ossum Bone Broth

Ossum Bone Broth

Bones Day

Soup has been recommended for the sick as far back as the ancient Romans, and while you may have deemed your store-bought broth the best remedy, Ossum Broths wants to change your mind. After finding that many store brands of bone broth have high sodium levels, founder Neda Faraji began making her own, with pasture-raised bones sourced from local farms. She starts by boiling the bones, then roasting them for extra flavor. Since there are no added salts in her recipe, she adds spices like ginger, turmeric, paprika, and cumin to add more flavor (and give your immune system an extra boost). Finally, she puts the bone broth in the kettle to simmer for 19 hours before bottling.

Ossum can be used for soups, creamy sauces, or flavoring rice and meat while cooking. The broth is good in the refrigerator for up to five days and the freezer for six months. Ossum can be delivered throughout the county by the gallon and half-gallon, so get ready to stock up for soup season.

Coming Soon: Midnight Meals

A new club is coming to the Gaslamp, but it won’t look like your average nightlife. Instead, Mete Supper Club is offering a late-night experience where the kitchen doesn’t close. Owner Demetrich Herder is creating a fine dining restaurant inside a club, serving Asian fusion as late as 1 a.m. The lounge will make for a one-stop rendezvous, where you can eat a nice meal and then get straight to dancing. It’s slated to open at the end of January in the building that previously housed AD Nightclub. Get ready to dine and dance!

905 Fourth Avenue, Gaslamp District

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