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3 Words on Filner

What our readers had to say about Bob Filner in 3 words

David Immel: “complete utter moron!”

Tracy Ricker: “Just go away!”

Tracey Rodgers: “Narcissistic…Pervert…Pig!”

Raina D. Leon: “Moved by money”

Janice Miller: “Get out. Now.”

Tiffani M. O’Connor-Hoy: “Nasty geriatric perv.”

Bridgette Marie: “dirty rotten scoundrel”

Amy Probsdorfer Kelley: “Real-life Ron Burgundy?

Natasha Christl: “Stay Classy San Diego!!”

Sharon Miller: “No remorse! Resign!”

Glenda Newell Everett: “delusional, pathetic, gross”

Michael Lum: “recall him NOW!!!”

Angela Bergman: “pull his pension”

Cathy Ligon Valtrakis: “Not a fan.”

Mary L. Beckstrom: “Needs to go!!”

Patty Zamora: “Take him out”

Sheen Fischer: “f in dirtbag”

William Pascoe: “It is over.”

Claudia Iracema Gonzales: “Resign effective immediately”

Melissa Myers Ko: “scary old man”

Erin Jackson: “Stay gone, Bob.”

Merri Barton: “unfit for mayor”

Brad Evanson: “Time to resign.”

Iris Hicks: “Narcissistic, delusional geezer”

Mieke Bigbie-Cerwin: “Resign yesterday—rehab”

Leigh Mahon: “Huge Opportunity Wasted”

Marissa Arreola Martinez: “a complete disgrace”

Erin Meanley: “100,000 signatures ASAP”

Shauna Francisco: “Want him OUT!!”

Jonathan Bailey: “Big civic embarrassment”

Megan Smith: “really sad man.”

Kelley Asselmann: “narcissistic personality disorder”

gina mendola: “narcissistic old fool.”

jim ely: “i want fletcher!!!!!!”

christina orlovsky page: “dirty rotton scoundrel!”

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