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Breaking Bed: A Musician Wakes Up Early for Breakfast

In a cruel and unusual assignment, we asked our office's biggest night owl to go on a breakfast date at Morning Glory
Morning Glory | Photo: Zack Benson

I’m not a morning person, never have been. I’ve dragged myself out of my warm, oh-so-comfortable bed every day for work or school since the ’80s, and it hasn’t gotten any easier with practice.

I’m a night person. My wife and I are musicians, which often means being out well past midnight and crushing a plate of carne asada fries at 2 a.m. We go out to see shows, get drinks with friends, have dinner dates. We leave the house after the sun’s gone down and is no longer a threat to our pale, photophobic skin.

There is, however, something that makes the idea of waking up earlier a little more appealing: breakfast. When Leslie Knope asked, “Why would anyone eat anything besides breakfast food?” on Parks & Recreation, I felt that.

So we decided to make a date of it. We made an early Monday morning visit to Morning Glory in Little Italy, before the brunch, tourist, and yoga crowd shows up. And anyone who’s paid a visit to the vibrantly decorated Consortium Holdings property knows it fills up fast. Dropping by at 8 a.m., on a Monday no less, means not having to wait in line. My wife opted for the cinnamon waffle French toast and what might be the most decadent mocha I’ve ever tasted. I chose the chorizo and eggs, which was more like a rich breakfast stew—complete with toast to sop up the gooey remnants. We shared the deep-fried scalloped potatoes, whose crispy, creamy texture lived up to how good that sounds.

As much as we enjoyed the meal, something about making the morning feel special instead of routine improved my mood and made the day go by that much faster. Even just having something fun to look forward to made it easier to get out of bed and get ready to face the week. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t anticipate ever fully embracing the morning, and come Saturday I’ll be hibernating until at least 9 a.m. But the lure of something warm and delicious, smothered in syrup and powdered sugar and served with a large pot of coffee, might just be enough to make me a part-time convert.

Breaking Bed: A Musician Wakes Up Early for Breakfast

Morning Glory | Photo: Zack Benson

By Jeff Terich

Jeff Terich is the music critic behind the blog The Setlist. His writing has been published in Stereogum, Bandcamp Daily, American Songwriter, Fodor's and Vinyl Me Please.

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