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November Contributors

Two photographers and a writer talk Baja, border crossing, and the art of sailing

By Erin Chambers Smith

November Contributors

November Contributors

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Jaime Fritsch

In this issue, Jaime captures “The Baja Moment.”

The best-kept secret in Baja is… the native chaparral landscape. In Southern California, we altered much of the landscape up and down the coast, but in Baja it’s often still native chaparral, which is beautiful.

My favorite thing to eat in Mexico is… lamb. I could eat lamb birria for breakfast at this one roadside restaurant in east Valle every day for the rest of my life.

The most common misconception about Baja is… people can’t believe the fine dining that’s happening just down the street. In central San Diego, you’re actually closer to downtown TJ than you are to most places in North County.

Tip for the novice photographer? Get a standard lens (50mm on a 35mm SLR) and only use that lens, so you don’t have zoom, telephoto, or wide angle. Find your voice with that first.


November Contributors

November Contributors

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Jacqueline Campbell

In this issue, Jacqueline photographs the owners of Bumbleride at their Little Italy showroom (“A Sweet Ride“), and also her husband, Andrew Campbell, along with America’s Cup skipper Jimmy Spithill, for “Foiling into the Future“.

What was it like being on assignment with your husband? So much fun. I may be biased, but he’s a pretty great subject.

You sailed Division 1 at Georgetown. Do you still sail? Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to join some amazingly talented teams and race on many different boats from 12 to 180 feet long all over the world.

What do you love about sailing? No matter whom you’re racing with, their language, age, or gender, if it’s your best friend or a new teammate, you always see a genuine side of people on the water.


November Contributors

November Contributors

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Derrik Chinn

In every issue, Derrik writes his regular Border Report column. He also runs the Tijuana tour company Turista Libre.

The best-kept secret in Baja is… its diversity. Because of its location on the border, the area plays host to transplants from all over Mexico and the world.

When people tell me they are scared to come to Mexico, I say: Don’t be ridiculous. Mexico is way more afraid of you than you are of it.

My favorite thing to eat in Mexico is… anything so incredibly home-cooked—Doña Maria’s pozoleria at Negrete and 10th Street in downtown Tijuana immediately comes to mind—that I can pretend it was made by the Mexican abuelita I never had.

In my five years as tour guide in TJ, one thing I’ve learned is… the journey is the destination, so there’s no such thing as a wrong turn.

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