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Photo Diary: Biking to Work

What it's like to ride 45 miles to the office

By Erin Meanley

Yesterday, we gave you some tips for biking to work. And we wanted to let you know that our resident cycling expert, Corey Hollister, is alive and well! After a breakfast of Cheerios and orange juice, Corey set out on his 45-mile trek from Carlsbad all the way to downtown San Diego. …Two hours and 50 minutes later, he made it to work (on time, no less!). Click below for a look at his journey.

The commute started out with the annoyingly bumpy, construction-filled roads of Carlsbad. He was sure he was going to get a flat tire—but he did not.

Well, congrats to all who made it into work today on two wheels. You saved money on gas, and you threw some love to the enivornment. You also burned a lot of calories. Congrats and good luck tonight!

A map of his ride.

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