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Photographing Julie Moss

By Laurie Nicoud

Photographing Julie Moss

Julie Moss


Robert Benson

was thrilled when I assigned him to photograph triathlete Julie Moss for our April “Get Outside” issue. He was heavily into triathlons in the mid 90s and a fan of people like Julie Moss. He had no idea she lived in San Diego. He remembered watching her crawl across the Ironman finish line on tv in the early 80s. Upon arriving at her home he told her that he was a fan of triathletes like Mark Allen, Scott Tinley, Dave Scott and her, and they were in inspiration to him during his training.  Needless to stay they hit it off and the shoot was a success!

Robert and hair/makeup by Kristy Colby met up with Julie in Cardiff (her ‘hood) and photographed her for three hours around the beach and the reserve off of Manchester Blvd. Robert asked Julie “do your neighbors know who they have as a neighbor?” She said that most didn’t, and he wanted to go knocking on doors at that point and should out to the world that they have a legend living next door.

Robert gave me 80 shots to chose from for our back page image and below are the outtakes. See the shot of Julie I picked as my favorite and read her q&a on the last page of the April issue (page 136).

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