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Q&A: Local Fashion Blogger Chosen as New York Fashion Week Correspondent

New York Fashion Week kicks off today, and San Diego fashion blogger Lauren Marron of Lauren the Label is heading to the shows as one of Polyvore's Community Correspondents

By Daniel Custodio

San Diego fashion blogger Lauren Marron of Lauren The Label is taking on New York Fashion Week to cover street style and runway trends for the online social commerce site Polyvore. We chat with the fashion blogger about how she got chosen, our mutual love for 1970s-inspired fashion, and what she’s packing for the Big Apple.

SDM: You just graduated from high school? Are you working now or making college plans?

LM: This fall I’m planning to attend Kent State University and majoring in fashion merchandising. Also, over the summer, I got a job working backstage at fashion shows. My most memorable show was the Teen Vogue Back to School show in Los Angeles.

SDM: How did you discover Polyvore?

LM: I was 13 years old when I first started my Polyvore account. While online shopping, I happened to come across this website that let me create moodboards and outfit “sets” out of clothes and accessories from online shops. It was so unique and I felt like I could express my style in any way I wanted. When other members of the online community started liking my sets, it was such an amazing feeling. I felt like I was inspiring others with looks that I created.

SDM: How did you get chosen to go to New York Fashion Week?

LM: The outfit sets that I submitted were created based on my personal style and what I would wear to NYFW. I didn’t have the winning set in the contest but the Polyvore team still asked me to accompany them to NYFW because they were impressed by the sets I did create and thought I would be a great Community Correspondent.

SDM: What are your favorite shopping spots in San Diego and why? Any unique and cool places we should know about?

LM: I love love love shopping at this vintage boutique called Frock You on Park Boulevard. It’s so fun and exciting to hunt through the racks for a cool statement piece. I found these amazing 1970s white booties, and I will definitely be taking them with me to NYFW.

SDM: What else are you packing for New York?

LM: It’s super cold in New York right now, so I will be packing tons of coats and boots! I’m definitely familiar with the East Coast weather because I lived there for six years before moving back to San Diego after graduating high school, so I’m not too worried. On my blog, I will be posting my outfits in New York. Expect loads of faux fur, funky boots, hats, and possibly some glitter.

SDM: What’s the best thing you’ve bought recently?

LM: It would have to be my glitter Mary Jane shoes from Topshop, newly opened in Fashion Valley. They are perfect and look almost identical to the Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2014 shoes. They sparkle when I walk and I feel like Dorothy in them.

SDM: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

LM: I’m such a film junkie. Right now I’m obsessed with Wes Anderson films. I love how each character has a distinct personality and style. One of my favorite characters is Suzie Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom. She’s all about the knee-high socks, collared dresses and preppy school shoes.

SDM: Spring is fast approaching, what trends will you be trying this season?

LM: Even though I don’t really worry too much about the trends, I’ve seen a lot of flared jeans recently on the runways. I’m really into the whole ‘70s era, so I’m looking for a good pair of flared jeans!

Follow Lauren on her NYFW journey at and her blog, Lauren The Label.

Q&A: Local Fashion Blogger Chosen as New York Fashion Week Correspondent

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