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The new MOPA exhibit will blow your mind

By Erin Meanley

See This Now!

The Siege of Aleppo

The Siege of Aleppo | Photo by Javier Manzano

On Friday, I attended the opening of the new Pictures of the Year International exhibit at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park. The show displays fist-in-the-gut pics by top photojournalists from around the world. You’ll see war-torn villages, poverty-stricken tribes, painted warriors, Olympians in action, you name it. We’re lucky to have these award-winning images available to view in person.

One of my favorites was taken from a hovering helicopter above Manhattan, when the nighttime city was half-lit and half-dark from Hurricane Sandy. You may recognize it from New York Magazine—the image, by Iwan Baan, led the magazine to win ASME’s Cover of the Year award.

Another was of America’s Cup sailors flying off a sailboat in the middle of a race. So many moving images! Click on the slideshow below for just a small taste. If you enjoy photography at all (and who doesn’t?), high-tail it to MOPA before September 22.

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