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The Other Superbowl

What top San Diego advertising experts will be watching this Sunday. These are the people to follow during the commercials!

By Erin Chambers Smith

We asked top local advertising and branding experts which ads they were most looking forward to, and what it’s like to watch the big game (and the commercials) from their perspective.

The Other Superbowl

Jon Bailey

Paul M Bowers

Jon Bailey

Chief Relationships Officer


“My friends hate watching the Super Bowl with me because I’m more interested in the commercial breaks than the game, and I annoy them by hushing them all so I can watch the spots. Yet they still invite me, so I guess my commentary is somewhat entertaining. There is no way that anybody with serious advertising cred can watch the game at a public venue or large viewing party. The din is overwhelming and drowns out our ability to hear and experience the ads, so we all attend smaller house parties (some have been known to watch at home alone, but I would never cop to that)!

My favorites this year, which all can be viewed on YouTube because the trend is for advertisers to release their spots early to build buzz, are:


The Other Superbowl

Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan



“There’re always some rocking television commercials for sure, but what I’ll be looking for is how brands integrate these spots into a larger marketing campaign, using digital, social and experiential extensions, not to mention every other tool in the modern advertising arsenal. Even an awesome Super Bowl ad can be a loss for a brand if it becomes a one-off moment. We work with our clients to find big ideas that can extend across a bunch of different mediums at once, while staying cohesive. I’ll watch the game at home, but you better believe I’ll have my laptop out the whole time. If I like something, if it makes me laugh or it’s really touching, I’m going to dig a little deeper on-line. Does it link back to a really cool social media idea? Is there something else going down? The big idea is still king, it can still make or break a brand. But it’s how you bring that idea to life that is rapidly changing. And that’s where brands will either get their 4 million dollars’ worth, or where they might risk wasting their money”


The Other Superbowl

Sean Monzet

Sean Monzet

Director Integrated Marketing

NBC San Diego

“Since Volkswagen debuted their “kid in Darth Vader costume” Super Bowl spot on YouTube 2 years ago prior to the big game, more and more brands are leaking their commercials early. This year the majority of brands running commercials in the Super Bowl released them early.

I’ve already watched most of the spots….so my fun will be seeing the reaction of viewers in real time as the commercials air. I’ll be watching the game at home with my zeebox second screen iPad app open so I don’t miss the chatter during the commercial breaks.”


The Other Superbowl

Sean Monzet

Taras Garcia

David Traina

Creative Director

Traina Design

I’m curious to see just how far advertisers will be willing to push the envelope this year. It’s become a game of one-upsmanship in the shock and awe department—If an ad doesn’t generate a lot of controversy, it’s considered a bomb. I can understand advertisers wanting to get more bang for their 4 million bucks. But it’s risky business for established brands like Coca Cola and Mercedes, where a provocative spot can attract all the wrong sorts of attention and damage the brand.

I’ll also be looking to see what clever new tactics advertisers employ to engage their audience during and after the game. With most of us holding a bag of chips in one hand and an iPhone in the other, it’ll be easier than ever to jump online and see the continuation of a storyline or teaser.

I’ll be watching the game at the Lakanuki Tiki Bar in Mammoth, accompanied by chips & salsa, a burger, an ice cold IBC, and my wife, who will get my undivided attention during the game..but not the commercials.

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