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What’s new at Terminal 2

SAN is shaping up!

By Erin Meanley

About a year ago, our senior graphic designer Gloria Tebelman got a sneak peek of sketches and future plans for the airport.

Update: about half of those improvements have been executed.

This morning, I got special security clearance and a little sticker from the TSA to tour the new Terminal 2 at San Diego International Airport. Many changes, all positive!

As of March 20, the security line that used to jam up in that round rotunda is gone. A ginormous area has opened up to the left. Breath of fresh air!

The new concessions (yes, Tender Greens!) won’t open until August, but the planned area is big enough—with plenty of eating options—to have its own name (Sunset Cove).

Between at least one set of men’s and women’s rooms there is a “pet relief” room, with a “puppy patch” where your dog can go to the bathroom (see photo). Hey, a lot of San Diegans travel with animals!

There’s also a really cool art installation, entitled Donde Esta? by Rhode Island-based artist Erik Carlson. It hangs at the entrance of every restroom. It’s a looping video of surfers riding waves. Carlson filmed at several local beaches. The video plays behind glass panes that fog up in a timed pattern. It’s very San Diego and the flushing action of the ocean water seems apropos.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening at Lindbergh Field. Enjoy your next trip!

What’s new at Terminal 2

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